Covid-19 Updates

Closed temporarily

Membership Update

We are a small, locally-owned business employing over 50 people from the area; they, along with our members (you!), are the community that helped build this gym. As a member you directly affect our ability to pay our employees. We hope that you will stick with us through these difficult times. We understand that this may not be an option for everyone.

Some of our members have asked what they can do to support the gym during this time. You have the option to continue being billed each month, or to set a custom amount that is comfortable for you. You can always change that in the future if your situation changes. Please go to the membership changes page to see the options.

Regardless we are confident that we'll be here a few months from now when we are able to reopen safely.

Other ways to support the gym

March 24 update

We're working hard to make sure that the gym is ready to reopen as soon as we can do that safely. Of course, we hope that will be in a few weeks, but are preparing for it to be a few months.

While we're closed we are working hard to continue to provide value for. Look for some online yoga, fitness and training videos in the next few days. We hope these will help you stay connected to y our community emotionally, and keep your body fit to get back on the wall.

You can still sign-up for the Annual Fitness Challenge. There are plenty of challenges you can do even though the gym isn't open.

If you have an active membership one of our staff will reach out to you in the next few days to touch base and confirm how you would like us to handle your membership. Please watch for a phone call (probably from a phone number you don't recognize). If we don't reach you we will leave a message with the details. We'll also send an email.

March 14 update

We have made the difficult - and impactful - decision to close Ascent Studio to the public, starting Sunday morning, 3/15. So far in our community, we’ve been relatively spared by the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Larimer County has only a single confirmed case, but that number is expected to grow in the coming days (see [1]). Now is the time to take action to do our part to protect our community from future cases. Public health experts strongly advise immediate social distancing measures to reduce the spread of the virus. We agree with these experts and strongly believe that temporarily closing doors is the responsible way to slow the spread of the pandemic in our community.

We understand the disappointment and frustration you may be feeling. We opened this gym because we are passionate about climbing and believe in the real value that indoor climbing experiences bring to you and the rest of our community. But now is the time to protect that community from a pandemic. Stopping it will demand effort and sacrifice from all of us. As you consider alternatives to your usual climbing session at Ascent, please opt for social distancing. Together, we will have an impact, and we will see that impact only in retrospect.

The future of this pandemic looks very uncertain. It will pass, for sure, but we do not know how quickly or at what cost, both human and economic. We are currently putting together a plan to provide financial continuity for our 50+ employees, many of whom depend heavily on Ascent for their immediate financial security. Members, we understand that closing now means you have paid for a product that we cannot deliver. If you are able, we ask sincerely that you consider letting us put your remaining dues for March towards the continued support of our staff. The disruption that comes with COVID-19 may be sudden and severe for many members of our community, and we too will be looking for ways we can help.

We are closed, but we are not idle. Look for more updates from us, via email, social media, and our website. We’ll keep you posted. Hang in there everyone. We already miss seeing you at Ascent, and we look forward to seeing you again when this is behind us. We are all in this together.

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