Fall 2022 Sport League

Sport League 2.0 2022 is Over!

Thanks for climbing with us! Stay tuned for next league coming early 2023...

The Results...

Top Teams

1st Place | Teacher's Petzl: Ben Pregler & Mark Bartlett

2nd Place | Frank Azar: Strong Arms: Ally Bormann & Jacob Cautilli

3rd Place | Flight of the Gumby: Michael Windsor & Nathaniel Clay

Best Team Names

1st Place | Alex Hold Me: Elle Wezensky & Jordin Landen

2nd Place TIE | RuPaul's Crag Race: Emma Stonehill & Tyler Ginger

2nd Place TIE | Winged Gym Rats: Ashley Watts & Lia Wolfe

Full Results

Team NameTeam ScoreTeam Member 1Total PointsTeam Member 2Total Points
Teacher's Petzl4065Ben Pregler2015Mark Bartlett2035
Frank Azar: Strong Arms3925Ally Bormann1885Jacob Cautilli2025
Flight of the Gumby3900Michael Windsor1890Nathaniel Clay1995
825ED3890Doug Lloyd2015Eric Twark1860
The Danger Noodles3880Benjamin Bowden2025Druanne Miyamoto1840
Get Schwifty3830Gregory Artim1925Roxann Artim1890
Psycho Pitches3810Katie Rocci1995Sarah Quattrochi1800
This is Hard...3805Blake Stevens1915Corrie Stevens1875
Foothold Fetish3750Andi Heath1890Jackson Case1845
Chalky Socks3735Olivia Todd1735Wesley Johnson1985
Venomous great white grizzly wolves3715Joe Giordano1870Joshua Hunter Davis1830
Winged Gym Rats3635Ashley Watts1750Lia Wolfe1870
Aretile Dysfunction3625Myles Raj1830Sam Smith1780
MAtoZ3585Mary Alice Truitt1760Zoe Zingerman1810
The Corpus Callosums3575Jack Leverett1800Zack English1760
New Kids On The Rock3565Anna Salvatorelli1750Tyler Cochran1800
Alex Hold Me3535Elle Wezensky1605Jordin Landin1915
Crimp Hand Pstrong3535Hannah Selvey1795Madison Heginbotham1725
The Nuthatches3445Caitlin Miller1700Rebecca Cheek1730
It's me. Hi. I'm the climber, it's me.3400Courtney Bouchet1685Jeff Randall1700
Blueberry Pierogis3360Olga Kozhar1420Summer Ploegman1925
Schrödinger’s Send3235Deionus Bauer1520Mik Hammers1700
GettinFroggy3215Eric North1570Sarah North1630
Choss Chella3075Levi Lintner1900Nathaniel Thompson1160
r o c k s r o c k s r o c k s3064Catherine Smith1223Halen Marcil1826
Sporty Spice3033Chloe Boehm1441Lillian Naimie1577
Knotty by Knature2876Bekah Itz1381Neel Cole1480
Slope Mommies2755Sam Snyder1230Sonia Martinez1510
Big Jugs, Tight Cracks2727Mia Farago-Iwamasa1510Reed Woyda1202
Jug Jugglers2685Emily Klee1450Heather Miller1220
Rockaholics2665Mitchell Rouault1280Ryne Davis1370
Third Wheeling2605Brooklyn Wheeler1820Jada Wheeler770
Something Clever2555Ethan Solomon1180Jesse Keener1360
Skipping Clips Taking Whips2545Kevin Silvernale1300Sterlin Helms1230
The Ma’ams2485Erin Maskill1230Haley Pierce1240
Dihedral Alliance2445Jon Lachelt1220Lachelt1210
RuPaul's Crag Race2415Emma Stonehill1190Tyler Ginger1210
Skin Prison2415Leighanne Rayome1010Simon Jones1390
Crimpanzees2385Anne Reckling1210Rachel Gruebbel1160
Bert and Ernie2345Shiloh Daricek1160Will Peters1170
Unpronounceable German Word2286Chris Neal1421Mitch Popko850
Gumby Gorillaz2285Daniel Sponaugle1130Elese Peifer1140
No Thoughts, Just Rocks2265Kate Homme1120Madeline Tucker1130
Team FayeDog2236Jessie Reese1210Matt DeSaix1011
I Dream of Leading2225John Holly1110Philip Starner1100
MKultra2156Katrina Good1170Mike Meyers971
Don’t take… us for granite2145Adrienne Cohen900Ali Hill1230
Geri-Actives2075Kevin Laake1120Kurt Zoner940
... That's what she said.2055Ashlee Redd960Mary McKnight1080
Creedence Clearwater Dihedral1975Dan Reimers980Maxwell Clement980
Slammin Salmon1825Chase Gross870Madeleine Dean940
Chuff Nation1645Jacob McCann290Larissa Monreal1340
sendgeance1574Cecilia Donaldson747Gretchen Miller812
Gal Pal Supreme1485Amelie Peccoud710Lauren Trujillo760
I don't wanna chalk about it1395Chad Seelig710Laura Browarny670
500 Error: Hold Not Found1226Casi Popko420Nick Tait791
#DASG Gang766Ethan Chase451Hayley Welch300
The ankle biters326Daniel Rosales200Laura Williams111

League Archives

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