Fitness Challenge

Fitness Challenge 2018

What's it all about?

The first annual fitness challenge is going strong. Nearly 200 participants are working hard to complete as many of the challenges before the end of the year. So far the main categories that participants have been working on are Gym Climbing, Gym Bouldering, and Calisthenics. But as many of the participants start to reach the limit of their ability in those categories other categories are starting to see some activity.

You can see that in two short months it has been possible to tick-off quite a few of the challenges, so it's not too late to start. The event lasts all year. It's free to signup. and you'll get a shirt after you complete 36 of the challenges. Just ask someone at the front desk to get you signed up.

NOTE: only about 50 people have so far updated their online spreadsheet. We can only know about your success if you record your challenge completions in your personal online spreadsheet. Send email to if you have any questions or issues accessing your spreadsheet.

Good health
- Your friends at Ascent Studio

Top Five Men as of 6/28/2018

NameGenderOverallTop 3 Categories  
Sterlin HelmsM102Calesthenics - 16Outdoors - 14Gym Climbing - 12
Sam R HoffeckerM92Gym Climbing - 15Gym Bouldering Feats - 11Tension Board - 9
Brandon Patrick McPhailM86Calesthenics - 14Gym Climbing - 13Gym Bouldering Feats - 10
Hayden James PughM78Gym Climbing - 13Calesthenics - 11Gym Bouldering - 10
Daniel TchenM74Gym Climbing - 11Calesthenics - 10Campus Board - 9

Top Five Women as of 6/28/2018

NameGenderOverallTop 3 Categories  
Rydell Ann StottlemyerF55Gym Climbing - 9Gym Bouldering - 8Community - 7
Casi PopkoF54Gym Climbing Feats - 8Calesthenics - 6Outdoors - 5
Sierra PughF53Calesthenics - 13Gym Bouldering - 7Gym Climbing Feats - 5
Olivia ToddF52Gym Climbing - 10Community - 6Outdoors - 5
Andrea BrogdonF46Calesthenics - 13Gym Climbing- 8Gym Bouldering - 6