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Ken Klein

  • Certifications
    • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
    • Climb Strong Certified Performance Coach
  • Favorite Crag: The Rocklands, South Africa
  • Favorite Climb: The Grand Wall, Squamish, British Columbia
I have been climbing for over 17 years, and my passion for the sport has continuously grown over that time, and continues to today. I love climbing for many reasons: from the movement itself, to the physical effort and focus it requires, to all the triumphs and even the failures its brought me; climbing has taken me to the most beautiful places all around the world and has allowed me to be surrounded by some of the best people I’ve ever met.
I am constantly evolving as a climber, and whether I’m repeating a climb in Rocky Mountain National Park or working on a project 9,000 miles away, I’m always learning to look more closely at myself, while consistently trying hard and having fun.
Ken Klein
Ken Klein Climbing
In 2013 I really started to look at my climbing. I looked at where it had been, where it currently was, and most importantly- where I wanted it to go.
I realized I had been on a climbing plateau for years, my progression had stopped and I wanted to know why. The root of my problem was glaringly simple and it came from continually going to the gym without any structure or knowledge on how to improve: just climbing was no longer enough for me, and I wanted to start pushing myself to see where my limits were, both mentally and physically.
Diving right in, I read book after book and reached out to trainers and climbers alike to see what they were doing to improve. After some trial and error, I found that the way to progress was simple: focused sessions coupled with effective training programs and supplemental exercises. Implementing these focused training sessions will make you stronger, improve your climbing, and help keep you injury free regardless of age or ability.
I decided to become a personal trainer because I was continually seeing climbers make the same mistakes I had in the past, and I knew I could help them solve their frustrations. My love for climbing has instilled in me an absolute passion for helping people reach their full climbing potential and I look forward to helping you invest in your climbing future today!