Youth Clubs

Mission and Values

The mission of the Ascent Studio Youth Clubs is to nurture and challenge young climbers as they learn new technical skills, engage in physical activity, and explore what it means to be a member of the climbing community.

In upholding this mission, we pursue the following core values:

  • We embrace challenge, because challenge offers us an opportunity to grow.
  • We seek out knowledge, because knowledge equips us for success.
  • We commit to an active lifestyle, because we value a healthy body and a healthy mind.
  • We encourage everyone, because everyone deserves the support of the community.
  • We foster an environment of respect and acceptance, because everyone is an equal member of our community.
  • We emphasize individualized learning, because each participant is unique.

2018 Summer Session

We will be offering youth club classes this summer! However, in an effort to keep things simple, our classes will be structured a little differently than normal. See below for details. If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, please email our Youth Coordinator, Jason Brown.

  • Session Length: We are reducing our summer session from six weeks to four weeks for two reasons. The first is so we can fit two sessions in over the summer. The second is because we will only be offering twice per week classes, which means we can cover a lot of material in those four weeks.
  • Session Dates:
    • June 5th through June 28th
    • July 10th through August 2nd
  • Early Signup: To mitigate any confusion over the summer, we decided not to do early signup. Instead we have split the difference between early signup and standard pricing to provide one consistent price.
  • New Clubs: Again, to keep things simple, we will only be running two clubs this summer. One club will be for youth 9 years and younger, and the other will be for youth 10 years and older. Both clubs will be meet twice per week.
In our nine and under club, kids will focus on problem solving, skill retention, and creative exploration while introducing basic climbing techniques. Our talented instructors will encourage students to grow at their own pace, while imparting foundational climbing knowledge.
Our 10 and up club emphasizes setting personal goals, embracing new challenges, and building teamwork by introducing new and complex skills in a collaborative learning environment. Our instructors will lead the group on an interactive journey to establish climbing fundamentals and prepare students for a lifetime of climbing success.