Youth Team

Youth Team

Mission Statement

At Ascent Studio we strive not only to make your kids better climbers, but better people. We do this through creating and maintaining good habits, increasing focus and awareness, and having fun.

Youth Team Details

Practice days are Monday & Wednesday with an optional day on Thursday. Team practice will start on Wed. November 2nd.

Each session is limited to 18 participants.

Youngest kids (USA Climbing C/D - born in 2004 or later)

  • $120/month for two practice days/week, Monday and Wednesday 4pm-6pm
  • (Optional) +$40/month for an additional day each week, Thursday 4pm-6:30pm as space permits

Older kids (USA Climbing B/A/Jr - born 1989-2003)

  • $140/month for two practice days/week, Monday and Wednesday 5:30pm-8pm
  • (Optional) +$40/month for an additional day each week, Thursday 4pm-6:30pm as space permits

Youth team dues do not include a gym membership. Gym membership is not required to participate on the team, but is strongly encouraged so that they can climb outside of the scheduled practice hours. Individual youths may purchase a membership at the student rate, either EFT monthly or Annual Prepaid. Or their membership may be included in a family membership. For team members, the EFT start-up fee is waived.


Participation in climbing competitions is not required to be a member of the team, but it is strongly encouraged. Competition climbing is very fun. Most comps are light on the competing and heavy on the community and camaraderie. Competitions are also an opportunity to visit new gyms and experience different styles of route setting.

If you decide to participate in climbing competitions there is generally a cost to participate in each comp, payable to the host gym. This cost is usually in the $35-$55 range, plus any travel costs. You may also wish to become an annual member of USA Climbing (the sponsoring organization for national level youth climbing).

All of the coaches at Ascent Studio have agreed to the policies of the SafeKids program at Ascent Studio. These policies are intended to increase awareness and prevention of abuse within our organization. Parents are welcome to see these policies.

We don't take sign-ups for the climbing team online. Please come by the gym during one of the regular practice times to be introduced to the coaches and discuss whether the team is appropriate for your child.

Coach Bios

Ken Klein
  • 15 years of total climbing experience
  • 4 years of coaching experience
  • 3 years as an Adjunct Professor teaching Outdoor Climbing classes at Laramie County Community College

I’ve been climbing for over 15 years now and my passion for it is as strong as, if not stronger, than when I first started. I had a coach in high school completely change me as a person. He changed the way I thought about the game, about practice, and about what it meant to really work hard for something. His love and enthusiasm for the sport were unmatched and I am still using things he taught me to this day! If I can have half as much impact on these kid’s lives as he had on mine, I will consider it a success.

Andrew Lee
  • 16 years of total climbing experience
  • 14 years of competition experience
  • 10 years of coaching experience

My passion for climbing was nurtured by many influential people when I was younger. I want to pass on that knowledge to the next generation.

Ainsley Ware
  • 6 years of climbing experience

My older brother introduced me to climbing during a summer that I spent with him in Northern Utah. As soon as I got back home, I began searching for gyms and climbing areas near Memphis, TN. I worked in a gym for 2 years teaching adults and children the basics of rock climbing. Traveling to new places, meeting other climbers, and learning new styles of climbing fuel my passion for the sport.

Ryann Vernetson
  • Over 10 years of climbing experience
  • 3 years of total coaching experience
  • 6 years of direct work with youth and adolescents

I am thrilled to join a dynamic coaching group and wonderful climbing community. I have been a competitive athlete for over 20 years, including college athletics, and my goal is to develop and nurture the natural talents of those on the team. Specifically, I hope to help bridge the mind-body connection by focusing on the mental aspects of climbing, performance, and teamwork.