Battle For The Fort

3rd Annual


DECEMBER 14-15, 2018

Ascent Studio and the Fort Collins climbing community hosted the 4th stop in the National Cup Series Bouldering Competition for 2018 - The Battle for the Fort. Friday evening over 150 pro competitors threw down in two qualifying heats to determine the 8 men and women who would compete for top honors and a $10,000 cash purse. For qualifiers the routesetters put together 10 problems for the men, and 10 problems for the women.

After those qualifying heats the setters filled in 30 additional problems for the next day's collegiate and citizens competitions. Over those two rounds nearly 100 psyched competitors enjoyed the camaraderie, encouragement, and heckling that all climbers share working on a fine set of new blocs.

Within minutes of the last citizens competitor stepping off the wall the setters began stripping most of those problems and put up 8 amazing blocs for the NCS Finals event. At 5:30pm the gym started filling with spectators ready to cheer for the real Battle for the Fort and enjoy some great beers from Intersect Brewing and Rally King Brewing.

Men's Citizen Competition
1Eric Clark11000
2John Hsin10200
3Jon Lachelt9800
4Kurt Zoner7200
5Kevin Schehrer7200
6Ian McDonald5200
1Mark Gerken16100
2Brandonn Mcphail15900
3Miguel Reyes14400
4Dan Van Brocklin12100
5Aaron Duarte11900
6Mark Lells9900
7Brent Cody8600
8Bryan Yamasaki6700
1Jason Brownlee22100
2Tim Whitaker20000
3Emmett Cookson19600
4Josh Marlatt18000
5Ashkil Patel16200
6Andrew Scott15700
7Dan Mcclure15100
8Alec Dahaven14300
9Estaban Montano12500
10Nick Contu12400
11Jake Sugawara11500
12Dakota Elliot11000
13Emerson McIntosh10800
14Cody Clayton9700
15Will Dixon9300
16Josh Eisenberg8000
17Kevin Henderson6400
18Kevin Reilley4600
19Nick Cooper3500
1Skyler Richardson16200
2Sam Piccoud15300
3Evan Shortridge13400
4Liam Hayes13100
5Alec Brichl12100
6Miles Ryan11600
7Sam Hinerfeld11500
8Malachi Donahoe10700
9Quin Browder9400
10Owen Dunphy7000
11Parker VanAlstyne6000
12Colin Kresl4300
13Gavin Cody1500
Women's Citizen Competition
1Robin Johnsen500
1Sarah Levine12400
1Elese Peifer11600
2Rydell Stottlemyer10800
3Katharyn Peterman9000
4Kaitlyn Hill7200
5Alexandra Schurr6400
6Olivia Todd5900
1Elle Mcdonald17700
2Olivia Kosanovich14900
3Alexa Schehrer13000
4Abby Wilson10600
5Ava Lane Walsh9500
6Liesel Smid7200
7Chloe Wilson5400
8Alice Cononico4900
9Gloria Hoskins4800
10Maggie Scott4500
11Sophie Wilson3900
12Ayden Hinerfeld1900


We want to thank these sponsors:
  • Colorado in Motion Physical Therapy Specialists graciously helped support the cash purse and also gave free assessments to athletes throughout the two days of the event.
  • Topo Designs generously supplied each of the competitors with their own Dopp Kit bags. The bags included a cool new spork provided by Morsel Spork and Rhino Skin Repair
    • Other amazing prize and raffle sponsors include

Brews, Trucks, and Grub Sponsors