Fitness Challenge 2023

FITNESS CHALLENGE IS BACK FOR YEAR 5! A full remodel of Fitness Challenge is LIVE for 2023...

  • Unique challenge sheets each month
  • Monthly Fitness Challenge events, member night challenges, & meet-ups
  • Out with the shirts, in with the new... announcing the Fitness Challenge 50 point prize: Asana Huckit Buckets with custom Fitness Challenge patches!

Wait, what is Fitness Challenge?

Fitness Challenge is a year-long event where you compete month to month with other Fitness Challenge participants on unique challenges! We'll have you competing on over 300+ challenges through out 2023 featuring climbing feats, outdoor adventures, yoga poses, fitness objectives, community tasks, and more. You'll have a personal online scoresheet where you will record your progress, and allow us to have live updates to the Fitness Challenge leaderboard all year long. 

Each month you will have the opportunity to win prizes. We'll award the person completing the most challenges each month, as well as enter everyone who has completed a challenge in the previous month into a raffle for a prize.

Once you score 50 points, you are eligible for the Asana Huckit Bucket with a custom Fitness Challenge patch!

What's there to lose!?


1Kaitlyn Hill197
2Christa Barata194
3Roxann Artim189
4Franck Dayan179
5Erik Hooper172
6Hannah Selvey155
7Olivia Todd136
8Corinna Hooper98
9Devon Mullen76
10Cait Charlton72
11Katie Martin69
11Lilly Naimie69
13Tyler Ginger61
14Jordin Landen58
14Sarah Morran58
16Jessica Wagner53
17John Bacovcin52
19Julie Grawe41
21Madison Heginbotham35
22Chloe Boehm32
23Jenny Marquart29
24Kate Wilsterman20
24Mitch Popko20
26Kalli Bermingham13
27Casi Popko12
28Jen Bahl11
28Karen Walters11
28Levi Ullom11
32Kevin Christensen7
33Philip Starner5
34Tara Walsdorf3
35Neel Cole1
35Spencer Hale1

Last Updated: 9/20/23

Fitness Challenge in 2022 Results

Congratulations to our two winners: Kurt Zoner (257 points) and Olivia Todd (124 points)!

An extra shout out to Kurt who is now our all-time highest scoring Fitness Challenge participant. Congratulations, Kurt! 

If you participated in 2022 and haven't gotten a shirt, come pick one up in the gym!


Kurt Zoner1257
Olivia Todd2124
Jordin Landen394
Caitlin Charlton474
Caitlin Miller569
Bekah Itz667
John Holly764
Ethan Solomon851
Paul Esposti948
Tyler Ginger1045
Tammy Orr1144
Neel Cole1144
Philip Starner1342
Jenny Marquart1441
Shannon Wachowski1441
Brandon McPhail1640
Tom Hromatka1640
Justin Kellam1640
Jessie Evans1938
Chelsea Todd2034
Kenny Rogowski2129
Sarah Morran2225
Sarah Lachelt2322
Leighanne Rayome2419
Ethan Black2517
Lauren von Stade2517
Mitchel Popko2714
Jon Lachelt2714
Gabrielle Wezensky2714
Ben Pregler3012
Michael Gough3111
Brooke Lauderback3210
Jennifer Bahl339
Corbin Massa348
Levi Ullom355
Casi Popko362

Last Updated: 1/2/23