Fitness Challenge

Fitness Challenge 2022


It is never too late to join, you have until December 31st, 11:59 PM to rack up points in a chance to live in infamy on the Fitness Challenge plaque in the gym!

This year each month has a unique theme and bonus challenges will be announced each month for those monthly themes...

August: Miscellaneous Skills

August Bonus Challenges:

  • #341: Walk 15 feet on your hands
  • #342: The Flobot Challenge: Ride your bike for 2 minutes without touching the handlebars
  • #343: Climb a MR-1 route with one foot in your own shoe, and one foot in a rental show, then switch feet and climb another MR-1 route
  • #344: Share 3 unique facts about Colorado's indigenous tribes in the Facebook group
  • #345: Create a care package for a teacher
  • 2022 shirt design!


    Overall RankNamePoints
    1Kurt Zoner105
    2Olivia Todd73
    3Ethan Solomon51
    4John Holly48
    5Jordin Landen47
    6Bekah Itz44
    7Caitlin Miller42
    8Tammy Orr40
    9Brandon McPhail38
    9Caitlin Charlton38
    11Neel Cole36
    12Jenny Marquart32
    13Chelsea Todd30
    14Philip Starner28
    15Tyler Ginger22
    16Shannon Wachowski21
    16Tom Hromatka21
    16Justin Kellam21
    19Paul Esposti13
    20Michael Gough11
    20Sarah Lachelt11
    20Sarah Morran11
    23Brooke Lauderback10
    24Ben Pregler9
    25Corbin Massa8
    25Jon Lachelt8
    27Gabrielle Wezensky6
    28Jennifer Bahl5
    28Levi Ullom5
    28Mitchel Popko5
    28Ethan Black5
    32Leighanne Rayome4
    33Casi Popko2
    33Test3 Lachelt2
    Kenny Rogowski0
    Nate Blanchard0
    Rob Sorenson0

    Last Updated: 7/6/22

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