Fitness Challenge 2022


It is never too late to join, you have until December 31st, 11:59 PM to rack up points in a chance to live in infamy on the Fitness Challenge plaque in the gym!

This year each month has a unique theme and bonus challenges will be announced each month for those monthly themes...

Rocktober: Gym Climbing

Rocktober Bonus Challenges:

  • #45-47: 3 POINT BONUS! The El Cap Challenge: Climb 32 pitches in a day at MR-2 or harder.
  • #82-84: 3 POINT BONUS! Boulder Bro Challenge: Make an attempt on every boulder in the gym in a day.
  • #255-257: 3 POINT BONUS! Compete in Battle for the Fort! Sign up here!
  • #258: Leave us feedback on the routes via the online feedback form or comment box.
  • #48: Climb any 5.7 - 5.9 with one arm only.
  • #267-268: 2 POINT BONUS! Volunteer to judge at Battle for the Fort! Sign up here!
  • 2022 shirt design!


    NameRankPointsJoin Date
    Kurt Zoner11853/11/2022
    Olivia Todd2963/10/2022
    Bekah Itz3643/22/2022
    Caitlin Charlton4632/26/2022
    John Holly5615/16/2022
    Jordin Landen6583/14/2022
    Caitlin Miller7573/6/2022
    Ethan Solomon8513/29/2022
    Paul Esposti9456/15/2022
    Neel Cole10444/29/2022
    Tammy Orr11433/3/2022
    Philip Starner12415/17/2022
    Brandon McPhail13403/4/2022
    Jenny Marquart13403/11/2022
    Jessie Evans15357/20/2022
    Chelsea Todd16343/5/2022
    Tom Hromatka17333/5/2022
    Tyler Ginger18295/18/2022
    Shannon Wachowski19283/4/2022
    Kenny Rogowski20252/28/2022
    Sarah Morran20255/23/2022
    Justin Kellam22244/11/2022
    Leighanne Rayome23196/30/2022
    Ethan Black24174/13/2022
    Gabrielle Wezensky25144/21/2022
    Lauren von Stade25148/3/2022
    Sarah Lachelt27123/23/2022
    Michael Gough28113/11/2022
    Mitchel Popko28113/11/2022
    Ben Pregler28114/7/2022
    Brooke Lauderback31103/16/2022
    Corbin Massa3283/11/2022
    Jon Lachelt3283/1/2022
    Jennifer Bahl3453/5/2022
    Levi Ullom3453/5/2022
    Casi Popko3623/5/2022

    Last Updated: 10/5/22

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