Youth Programs

Ascent Studio has a wide variety of programs appropriate for children and youths.

Friday Night Rock Out

Friday Night Rock Out is an easy way for parents to have an evening out with confidence that the kids will have a great time too. These are singular events with no ongoing commitment.

Youth Clubs

Our youth clubs are four-week sessions that run concurrently with the school year. If you are not sure your child will enjoy the clubs then we suggest you have them participate in a Friday Night Rock Out first. They'll meet some of the coaches for the youth clubs and get a taste of what we do during the clubs.

Youth Team

The Ascent Studio Youth Team is a competitive climbing team that meets throughout the school year. You might choose to participate in just one of the two seasons Bouldering is generally in the fall and Sport climbing is generally in the spring, though most climbers choose to participate in both.

Summer Camps

During the summer we have weekly camps (Mon-Thurs).


Attending a birthday party is a common introduction to climbing. You can be the coolest parents on the block by hosting your child's birthday party at Ascent Studio. We also host all night lock-ins... and that's not only for kids!