Bouldering League

Bouldering League 2020

Week 3 Rankings

*Skipped week/lowest scoring week will not be dropped from your overall score until league has concluded*
**Please check you score totals from each week. If you have a discrepancy email -- Using our online scoresheet helps to minimize the potential for errors in scores! Human error is real...**


ParticipantWeek1Week2Week3Current TotalRank
Daniel Sponaugle1400.141800.121800.135000.391
Sarah North1400.051900.071200.084500.202
Jennifer Marquart1400.091400.141400.094200.323
Cooper McCollum1000.031600.091500.054100.174
Sheridan Austad1000.061400.051200.073600.185
Logan Miller1400.021400.05700.073500.146
Diksha Arora600.061400.141400.113400.317
Ben Dubin1200.081100.111000.13300.298
Theodore Johnson1200.12800.031300.073300.229
Ian Morris1000.061400.14700.073100.2710
Amanda Probst600.061000.03300.031900.1211
Eric North600.060.001200.071800.1312
Susan Kitchens600.06700.0701300.1313
Alex Zeller300.03300.03700.031300.0914
Justin McGehee1000.06300.0301300.0914
Todd Rhea1000.060.0001000.0616
Sarah Lachelt300.03300.03300.03900.0917
Annie Price100.01300.03300700.0418
Jordan Seldine100.01300.01300.01700.0319
Catherine Perryman300.030.000300.0320
Nathan Presley300.030.000300.0320
Anke Beyer-Lout100.010.000100.0122


ParticipantWeek1Week2Week3Current TotalRank
Theodore Carlson3200.164300.293400.2410900.691
Kaitlyn Hill3900.173600.173400.1310900.472
Chris Neal3000.113800.183100.139900.423
Carlin Granger3000.224100.102700.099800.414
Justin Kellam3000.213100.233400.099500.535
Carson MacGee2600.053800.073100.069500.186
Alex Piechowski0.004600.0048009400.007
Jon Lachelt3000.303100.183200.099300.578
Tanja Dobusch2900.213600.282800.069300.559
Cody Clayton2000.203600.253300.068900.5110
Olivia Todd2700.143100.1231008900.2611
Erin Sunshine2900.003000.0529008800.0512
Laurel Haines2200.153100.203000.058300.4013
Heather Hoppin1900.193200.322900.068000.5714
Kurt Zoner2200.162600.053200.068000.2715
William Kee2600.052600.192600.117800.3516
Malcolm Zaborowski-Dukich2700.052100.132600.067400.2417
Samuel McGuffin2200.162400.041700.066300.2618
Josh Gunter2100.211900.822200.226201.2519
Lauren Musick1800.121900.192500.156200.4620
Dan Deats2200.152400.041600.076200.2621
Dave Colangelo2200.092400.161400.146000.3922
Alyssa Myers900.092400.092700.096000.2723
Will Hromatka2200.091800.001800.135800.2224
Gabrielle Wezensky1900.081600.031800.075300.1825
Jonathan Hoppin1800.131400.051800.135000.3126
Elijah Kitchens2200.152600.0504800.2027
Laura Browarny1300.071400.111900.114600.2928
Preston Malenke2200.092400.2004600.2928
Walt Craig2200.090.002300.044500.1330
Anika Linde2500.251900.1904400.4431
Chase Gross3800.170.0003800.1732
Sara Slagle1000.101300.051400.093700.2433
Tyler Reinke2200.160.001400.143600.3034
Cesar Tidrick1800.121800.1403600.2635
Amanda Van Morman0.001100.0024003500.0036
Alexander Kitchens900.091700.095003100.1837
Mary King1000.101900.1202900.2238
Raleigh Sullivan1000.060.0018002800.0639
Abbie Modafferi2700.120.0002700.1240
Anthony Mascio1400.091100.0602500.1541
RaeAnn Drennen1000.001400.1402400.1442
Scott Creighton2200.090.0002200.0943
David Lout1900.120.0001900.1244
Robert Sorenson1700.110.0001700.1145


ParticipantWeek1Week2Week3Current TotalRank
Skyler Richardson5800.155900.005400.5417100.691
Ryan Ross5100.365400.405800.3116301.072
Ryan Hunt5000.355600.125200.2715800.743
Casey LaSala4600.335600.295500.1215700.744
Mike Oba4200.115800.125400.2315400.465
Ryan Harty4600.235600.005000.1215200.356
John Vigil4600.225800.124600.1915000.537
Amanda Quanstrom4200.425600.004600.1214400.548
Maureen Kudola4600.235400.234211.2114211.679
Cameron Tolooee4200.335600.124200.4214000.8710
Gavin Nall4200.225000.004600.1213800.3411
Lee Fedel2300.126300.135000.3413600.5912
Chad Seelig4200.224600.004600.2213400.4413
Kyle Conaty3900.395000.224400.0913300.7014
Romas Metzger4200.115400.00340013000.1115
Joshua Hill3800.284500.314100.1712400.7616
Jack O'Leary4200.205000.113000.1112200.4217
Travis Bieber4200.304200.19350011900.4918
Brandon McPhail0.005900.435800.4411700.8719
Andrew Donisthorpe5000.234700.212000.211700.6420
Colin Payne3400.344700.003500.1311600.4721
Dana Clark0.005800.145600.1211400.2622
Nikhil Patel3600.133400.173800.1710800.4723
Sara Weaver3800.203800.003100.0610700.2624
Chloe Erickson2700.274100.223400.1510200.6425
Kenyon Brenner4600.115000.3709600.4826
Trent Hawkins0.005000.234600.239600.4627
Rachel Stark0.005000.504300.119300.6128
Emily Holt4000.175000.3809000.5529
Colin Reade4200.091600.0930008800.1830
Micah Probst2800.184200.1914008400.3731
Wes Knoll4000.180.004200.198200.3732
Jacob Santini3400.083800.3007200.3833


ParticipantWeek1Week2Week3Current TotalRank
Everett Sloane6600.317400.546700.5120701.361
Jack Martinus4800.487400.557400.5619601.592
Daniel McClure5100.236200.145800.1417100.513
Logan Yingling4300.126400.646200.1616900.924
Jacob Gadwa5100.365900.315800.1516800.825
Roy Quanstrom0.007000.707200.3314201.036
Callum Ashley6600.317400.17014000.487
Kepler Worobec0.005800.146600.1612400.308
Stephanie Celommi5000.245000.25010000.499

League Deets

How it works:

Come climb at your convenience each week! The "League Week" will start on Tuesday after 5pm each week and go through the following Monday to close.

Climb Logging Requirements:
1) League climbs must all be logged on your first visit to the gym each week to keep climbers from gathering too much beta.
2) You must log climbs in a 4 hour consecutive session (just like past leagues).

Check in with the front desk to get your weekly scorecard when you arrive to climb. The desk staff will write in your start time (when you get there) and your ending time (when you turn in your card). This time-frame should be 4 hours or less.

Each week our setters will set new “league” boulders. There will be 5 new problems for each category. Log all your sent climbs using a redpoint format. Be sure to log your attempts and get a witness to initial your scorecard next to each sent climb. There will be space allotted on your scorecard for each of these specifications. Scroll down for vocab clarifications.


Everyone will be competing as individuals withing your category this season. You will log all your climbs on your scorecard each week. Your weekly score will be the sum of your top 4 climbs and your overall will be the sum of all weeks.

1 drop week will be given to everyone. Either your lowest score (high gravity day) or a missed week.

Getting bumped: *Update* As we said, each category will have 5 new climbs within their grade range. You may climb outside of your category set to push yourself and get extra points. However, to discourage sandbagging, we will be watching scores within each category and will bump those that are consistently climbing harder than their specified category. Also, if you progress over the 6 weeks and get bumped, good for you!

Scoring is based on a numbered bouldering system, 1 (being the easiest climb) - 21 (being the hardest climb). Multiply the specified number by 100 to get your point value for that specific problem. Ex) Boulder #1 = 100pts


All participants will self-select the category in which they'd like to compete in: Beginner (V0-V3)
Intermediate (V3-V5)
Advanced (V5-V7)
Open (V8+)


The top 2 competitors from each category will receive a prize! All individuals within a category are competing against each other.
Prizes TBA


What do you mean Send a climb? To climb a route or boulder without falling.
What in the world is Redpoint Format? It only counts if you climb from start hold (either matching or if specified, a dual start) to controlling the finish hold (finish holds must be matched and controlled, meaning staying on the hold for at least 3 seconds) or topping out if there is no designated finish.
What counts as an attempt? Falling while trying to finish the entire problem or working out sections of the problem before putting it together in one sequence.
Who is a witness? Someone that actually watched you climb the ENTIRE problem from start to controlled finish.

Time Slot Reservations Required - Click Here!

Time Slot Reservations Required - Click Here!"