Fall Sport League


Team up, gear up, check your partner and climb!

Join us for a fun 4 weeks of fresh routes and friendly competition. Rather than competing as individuals, we will put together teams of four climbers who will compete together against other teams. We will end it all on week 4 with a special finals team relay race (1st time for sport league finals!). Winners will be announced, followed by pizza, drinks, and reminiscing of weeks past with your new besties.

Our leagues are for all skills levels and climbing experience!

The Breakdown


Starting: Tuesday, November 12th @ 6:00pm
Meets every Tuesday at 6:00pm for 4 weeks, NO LEAGUE THANKSGIVING WEEK

Finals: Tuesday, December 10th

Price: $35

Non-members: $75, includes the 4 day passes for use on league nights.

Everyone receives a league shirt and a party after finals with pizza and beer!

Each week we'll post team scores.


Teams of 4
Create your own team, or let Ascent help you find a spot on a team — either way! If you have a preferred belayer or teammate, you can specify that during registration. Teams will be finalized during the first evening of Sport League.


Week 1:
The first week, before starting to climb, each person will declare their "TARGET" grade. This should be the highest rated climb that you typically send on a day of climbing at the gym. Difficult, but doable (you usually have to try it more than once.)

You will be bumped if 2 out of 3 of your climbs are above your target grade. This is likely to happen over the course of 4 weeks. You are getting stronger! Or, you sandbagged.

You'll get more points for going above your target and fewer points for climbing below your target. All of the rope routes in the gym are available for you to climb and achieve points.

It's OK for you to have climbed/rehearsed a route before arriving at the gym on league night, but to get the points for a route on league night you must send it cleanly, bottom to top without hanging on the rope. If you fall, then your belayer must lower you to the ground before starting again for it to count.

Following Weeks:
Each week all of the rope routes in the gym are available for you to climb and achieve points. If you received points for a route one week, then you are allowed to receive points for that same route a subsequent week, but that's it -- no single route may be counted more than twice during the league, and no more than once per week. Each week the setters will remove some routes and put up new ones, so you should always have enough new routes at or above your target grade.


Your personal score each night will be the sum of the 3 hardest climbs you complete. To determine how many points you'll receive for a climb, look at the column that corresponds to your target grade. Then go down the column to find the grade of the climb that you completed. Your points are listed in the left-hand column.

Bonus points are given for climbing the route on lead (if you are qualified to lead climb at Ascent) Lead bonus = +10. Some routes at Ascent are lead-only, for which the lead bonus always applies. If you are not qualified to lead climb at Ascent, you can still get the bonus by "following" another leader, unclipping draws.

Each week we'll calculate the team score as an average of each team member's score for that week. If you must miss a week, it will not affect your team's score for that week; that is, it won't go into the average. At the end of the fifth week, we'll total all the weeks averages to get the team scores going into finals. Stay tuned for Finals Scoring.

Team Scores

This is where you will find updated team scores each week.


Time Slot Reservations Required - Click Here!

Time Slot Reservations Required - Click Here!"