Bouldering League

The Short

League starts on July 20th at 6:00pm
Meets every Tuesday night from 6pm-10pm
You get one drop week for regular league weeks (weeks 2-5)
Finals are on Tuesday, August 24th


Weekly Updates

1Week 1 *Edited*

Due to very few people interested in splitting league or being able to climb on Wednesday, we are keeping league on Tuesday night only. What does this mean? Zone Lines! We will tape out several zones (an area where a handful of climbs intermingle). When you want to climb a problem in that zone you will place your scorecard at the bottom of the scorecard pile cueing you up for your turn. We will all pitch in to call out names that are up for their turn. Bonus: you get to see what it feels like to climb in an actual bouldering comp!

Please see the next tab for reminders on comp etiquette. It has been a long time since we all did this, so lets give ourselves a little refresher! :) Enjoy.

2Comp Etiquette

1) Share the lanes. Take a moment to look around and ask if others have been waiting before hopping on a problem.
2) Check to make sure your route doesn't cross paths with another or that you aren't walking/hanging out in a climbers fall zone.
3) Whoever starts their climb first has the right-of-way.
4) Don't spray beta (in other words, don't give unsolicited advice). Some people enjoy being able to figure it out on their own. Ask if someone would like input first, don't assume.
5) Lastly, watch out for each other. Sometimes climbers don't see that someone else was waiting to get on or that their routes will cross paths, so please kindly let them know. We're all friends here! :)

Scores & Rankings Wk1


Climber NameIndiv
Week 1
Jack Martinus118040
Gabriel Krzykwa118040
Wes White316420
Skyler Richardson414060
Derek Crane513280
Daniel McClure513280
Jake Gadwa513280
Christopher Tomaschow813240
Caleb Cluett913040
Tristin Dorsey1012060
Jeffrey Snyder1012060
Dakota Elliot1012060
Logan Yingling1312020
Connor Desrosiers1411240
Cameron Tolooee1511080
Brandon McPhail1511080
Ryan Hunt1711060
Patricia Maloney1711060
Lauren Smith1711060
Deionus Bauer1711060
Shirley Weaver1711060


Climber NameIndiv
Week 1
Wes Knoll2211040
Jack O'Leary2211040
Joel Turner2211040
Liesel Smid2211040
Norah Small2610460
Jean Broussard2710440
Julia Geiger2810300
Matt Twyman2910100
Harry Harpham3010080
Keegan Kochis3110040
Benjamin Wilson3110040
Maureen Kudola3110040
Daniel Sponaugle349260
Theodore Carlson359080
Carlin Granger369060
Andrew Treglia379040
Emerson McIntosh379040


Climber NameIndiv
Week 1
Alexander Kitchens398680
Brandon Shanks408660
Mike Oba418640
William Lin428280
Paul Canney438060
Angela Jennings448040
Liz Hada458000
Malcolm Zaborowski-Dukich467460
Kaitlyn Hill477440
Rob Goodier487080
Camden Meyer496680
Grant Sisson506460
Hannah Molin516080
Amelie Peccoud525860
Anika Linde535500
Brianna Corsi545080
Kaitlin Farrell554300
Olivia Todd554300
Anna Peckmann554300


Climber NameIndiv
Week 1
Natalie Berko584280
Haley Pierce594260
Erin Maskill604060
Ellie Wezensky604060
Colin Payne623840
Wesley Johnson633500
Hannah Butler633500
Adam Langemeier653460
Simon Jones653460
Sonia Martinez673300
Whitney Wells683100
Theodore Johnson693080
Karley White702060
Brittany Hamilton711640
Leighanne Rayome721260
Jada Wheeler731220
Jordin Frey74840
Sarah Morran75200


Week 1: Ranking Week

This is the initial ranking week. Just like a normal redpoint competition, you'll have the whole evening to climb the league boulders. Your score will be the sum of the top 5 boulders you complete.
Afterward, we'll use the data from everyone's scores to create teams that are evenly balanced in terms of ability.

Weeks 2 through 5

Each week, climb on the freshly-set boulders to boost your individual score. Use your teammates for beta, encouragement, or heckling (whatever motivates you). Everyone has until closing to climb, and your score will be the sum of the top 5 boulders you complete and your team score will be the sum of all the teams individuals scores combined.

BL Graphics 2021-01-01

2021 League Shirt included in price! Super Fly!

Week 6: Finals Week - August 24th

Rules meeting will start at 6:30pm. We run a finals format similar to what you might see at a professional competition. You have 4 minutes to send the boulder in your category (which is identified in week 1). All your teammates are on the wall with you working to top their own boulder with the crowd at your back cheering you on!
Then after you get pizza, fizzy drinks, and beer (21+) while we hold the awards ceremony!


Each week there will be 20 new boulders number 1-20. Please write the corresponding number on your score sheet followed by the points the problem is worth (ex) Multiply the problem # by 100 to get the point value. Problem 5 = 500; Problem 11=1100; Problem 20=2000
Have 2 people initial your sheet that witness your sending the boulder (at least one must be from another team)


Top 3 teams will receive a prize:

Frequently Asked Q's

1Can I choose my team?
Not for bouldering league. We select teams by placing all participants into quartiles based on your week 1 scores. Participants are place in Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Open depending on where you fall among your fellow league competitors. This is the best way to make sure all teams have an evenly distributed team. Plus you get to meet new folks to climb with!
2Why did I get bumped?
You cannot get bumped in bouldering league

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Time Slot Reservations Required - Click Here!"