Summer Bouldering League

We are now in Week 4 of league. See the team and individual rankings below!

League Set Schedule:

Week 4 (THIS WEEK) | Prow - Barrel
Week 5 | Scoop - 55
Week 6 | Bonus week
Finals | July 9th


Updated 6/17/24 at 12:45 PM

147,960King FinLogan YinglingWes KnollLyla BassAndrew Henderson
246,560Empty of Thought, Full of MindSamuel SnyderAvery ConnLara PenceAngelina Dewey-Kloss
346,150Flight SyndromeZachary WrightsmanCharles VollmerVincent MamotosMargaret Gibson
444,990GandalfJason LattaElliott WeilerKiva BreartonKate Haynes
543,740Bat Outta HellLindsay LevineRyan BrownShay DiteLane Todd
643,190Lonely BoneDrew SedingerRylee HarttJoseph LeightonSarah Houde
742,840DuchessJohn EddyElese PeiferCait CharltonMerritt Jones
842,560Hippie MafiaThomas ReitwiesnerNate MontanyaEllie WezenskyRyan Hood
942,400JesterErik EvansDaniel SponaugleLia WolfeJohn Hollow
1041,830Crunchy GroovesGabe KrzykwaParker EdmundRyan CurtisCalder Hood
1141,710Against HumanitySebastian RuterboriesNick VisockyOlivia ToddPatrick Sear
1241,050Iron HelixIsaac TesslerTroy ZwolinskiAshton CusterJon Kilpinen
1338,550Murky WatersEli HofackerBlake BowersJon LacheltBianca Vollmer

Individual Rankings

Updated 6/17/24 at 12:45 PM

RankClimber NameWeek 1Week 2Week 3Total
1Lane Todd1540255048307380
2Angelina Dewey-Kloss1230255035506100
3Andrew Henderson1140155035405090
3John Hollow1140154035505090
5Margaret Gibson82083035504380
6Kate Haynes820123031404370
7Bianca Vollmer0104021403180
8Jon Kilpinen1140155002690
9Patrick Sear32031021502470
10Merritt Jones320020402360
11Ryan Hood830104001870
12Calder Hood32032010401360
13Sarah Houde82000820
RankClimberWeek 1Week 2Week 3Total
1Lyla Bass42205040603011070
1Olivia Todd20505030604011070
3Vincent Mamotos20404440572010160
4Ashton Custer2440323067209950
5Joseph Leighton2540365057409390
6Kiva Brearton2050323060109240
7Cait Charlton2040325059309180
8Ryan Curtis2030314058208960
9Shay Dite2920244060108930
10Jon Lachelt2650060308680
11Lara Pence2050060008050
12Lia Wolfe2940443007370
13Ellie Wezensky2050205051407190
RankClimber NameWeek 1Week 2Week 3Total
1Rylee Hartt50207130891016040
2Elese Peifer66306630853015160
3Charles Vollmer56406630812014750
4Wes Knoll58306220832014540
5Nate Montanya42406130831014440
6Avery Conn40405550851014060
7Daniel Sponaugle43506050792013970
8Blake Bowers50303230831013340
9Elliott Weiler46200832012940
10Ryan Brown42305050712012170
11Parker Edmund37400812011860
12Troy Zwolinski45305630582011450
13Nick Visocky3930463008560
RankClimber NameWeek 1Week 2Week 3Total
1Gabe Krzykwa932010140951019650
2Sebastian Ruterbories861010100951019610
3Thomas Reitwiesner76209540952019060
4Jason Latta703084401000018440
5Samuel Snyder75309530882018350
6Logan Yingling58307940932017260
7Isaac Tessler64208130883016960
8Drew Sedinger36408830811016940
9Zachary Wrightsman63208530833016860
10John Eddy54406830931016140
11Erik Evans61208440753015970
12Lindsay Levine57307720754015260
13Eli Hofacker58307520013350

League Structure

May 28th & 29th through July 2nd & 3rd | Finals & Party Tuesday, July 9th

We are having two sessions each week: one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday from 6 - 10 pm. Whichever day you register for online is the day you will come in for your session! You also may climb any time Wednesday - Friday, just be sure to limit your league session to a maximum of four hours.

Each week our setters will set new league boulders. There will be 22-24 new problems each week. Log all your sent climbs using a redpoint format. Be sure to log your attempts and get a witness to initial your scorecard next to each sent climb. There will be space allotted on your scorecard for each of these specifications. See the Vocab & FAQ section for clarifications.

Climb Logging Requirements:
League climbs must all be logged during the session you registered for online. If your session is on Wednesday, please do not climb the new bouldering league set until your Wednesday session.

Pick up your scorecard at the front desk each session, and drop it back off at the front desk when you are done with your session.


Week 1: Ranking Week

This is the initial ranking week. Just like a normal redpoint competition, you'll have the whole evening to climb the league boulders. Your score will be the sum of the top 5 boulders you complete. Afterward, we'll use the data from everyone's scores to create teams that are evenly balanced in terms of ability. Each team will have a climber in each of the four categories: Green (Beginner), Purple (Intermediate), Red (Advanced), and Black (Open).

Weeks 2 through 5

Each week, climb on the new league boulders to boost your individual score. Use your teammates for beta, encouragement, or heckling (whatever best motivates you to send). Everyone has until closing to climb, and your score will be the sum of the top 5 boulders you complete. Your team score will be the sum of all the teams individuals scores combined.

Week 6

Week 6 (7/2 & 7/3) of league will be a bonus week! What does that mean?
  • The week 6 "set" is all 4 of the previous league sets (about 88 total boulders!)
  • You will be scored on your Top 15 climbs during week 6
  • You can only receive points for climbs your did NOT count towards previous weeks' scores. If you don't remember, don't worry! You will get a personalized scorecard that has the climbs you previously did blacked out so you cannot score them.
  • Exception to the blackout rule: Climbs #1-7 will NOT be blacked out for anyone. That means anyone can get scored on climbs 1-7, even if you used those climbs during previous weeks.
  • Climbs are worth half the amount of points they were worth during previous weeks. For example, all Climb #1s will be 50 points instead of 100, all Climb #15s will be worth 750 points instead of 1500, etc.

Finals - Tuesday, July 9th

The rules meeting will start at 6:30 pm. We run finals format similar to what you might see at a professional competition. You have 4 minutes to send the boulder in your category. You and all your teammates are on the wall at the same time, each of you working to top your own boulder with the crowd at your back cheering you on! Afterwards, you get pizza, fizzy drinks, and beer (21+) while we count up scores and hold the awards ceremony!


Each week there will be about 22 new boulders numbered 1-22. Please write the corresponding number on your score sheet followed by the points the problem is worth. Multiply the problem # by 100 to get the point value. Ex. Problem 5 = 500; Problem 11=1100; Problem 20=2000

Have 1 person initial your sheet that witness your sending the boulder.

Your individual weekly score will be the sum of your top 5 climbs and your overall score will be the sum of all weeks.

1 drop week will be given to everyone. Your drop week is either your lowest score (just a high gravity day!) or a missed week between weeks 2-6.



Based on your first week of climbing, you will be placed into one of the following categories to compete in for your team. This league, we have four categories:

Green: Beginner
Purple: Intermediate
Red: Advanced
Black: Open

The top 3 teams from each category will receive a prize, and the top individual in each category will get a prize. 

Custom made medals and more are up for grabs!

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