Youth Seasonal Camps

Youth Seasonal Camps

2018 Summer Camps

Sign ups for our 2018 Summer Camps are now live! We are super excited to be hosting nine weeks of summer camp this year, with five different themes. Keep reading for details!

Ascenders Assemble

  • June 4th through 8th
  • July 9th through 13th

Build your climbing community with fun team building exercises and group games! Construct rope ladders, create a climbing route, and get your group to the top of the wall.

Mountain Masters

  • June 11th through 15th
  • July 16th through 20th

Explore the tools and techniques of outdoor climbing and mountaineering using simple machines. How do cams, pulleys, and knots work?

Stone Sorcerers

  • June 18th through 22nd
  • July 23rd through 27th

Discover the world of geology and uncover the history of outdoor climbing. What makes mountains and canyons? Where did climbing begin and where has it taken us?

Rock Ninjas

  • June 25th through 29th
  • July 30th through August 3rd

Explore the world of American Ninja Warrior with games and obstacle courses that test both mind and body. Find your super power by exploring and expanding your strengths as a Ninja.

Special week: Ascent Studio Olympics

  • August 6th through 10th

It’s official - climbing is in the Olympics! Spend the week learning about and honing your bouldering, rope climbing, and speed climbing skills for the final event on Friday.