Results from citizens and open, as well as links to all photos are posted below!

Battle for the Fort 2024 will be back for a TWO DAY EVENT Friday, November 1st and Saturday, November 2nd!


Your 2023 Battle for the Fort Champions:




A MASSIVE thank you to this year's title sponsor, Mansouri Real Estate, for helping us put together our largest cash purse prize ever!

We are so stoked to have Anoushir and Katie Mansouri as part of our Ascent community. We hope you use them for all your market beta and home ownership adventures! 

Thank you to our additional cash purse sponsors!

2023 Photo Galleries

Please credit our awesome photographer (and routesetter!) Alex Deems when sharing photos! You can tag him on Instagram via @itsalxphotos.

Battle for the Fort 2023 Results

Open Finals Results

1Natalia GrossmanTOPTOPTOPTOP4494
4Sonia GutierrezTOP-ZONE-12310
5Cadance HurtZONE-ZONE-0204
6Kerry ScottZONE-ZONE-0207
1Colin DuffyTOP-TOPTOP3344
2Zach GallaZONE-TOP-1215
3Nathan MonteTOP-ZONE-12410
4Charles BarronZONE-ZONEZONE03011
5Jack MartinusZONE-ZONE-0246
6Caleb FranchereZONE-ZONE-02013

Non-binary Citizens Results

Rank:Name: Score
1Beals, Campbell14200
2Reintjes, Jax10910
3Warnock, Vincent P10510
4Piechowski, Alex10500
5Serna, Amory9420
6Peters, Morgan8210
Rank:Name: Score
1Conly, Briana Morgan Maria2030
2Larosh, Max Nancy1940
3Gasperetti, Carissa520

Women's Citizens Results

Rank:Name: Score
1Geiger, Julia16400
2Peifer, Elese16210
3Hepler, Richelle Ashley15610
4Xiang, Chunqin14720
5Peccoud, Amelie13730
6Peterson, Cordelia J13500
7Levine, Lindsay J13400
8Music, Ella12710
9Robinson, Rachel12600
10Meckley, Nicole E12210
11St. Germain, Jenna12010
12Kiefer, Katie D11700
13Keene, Alexandra10630
14Lu, Lucy10000
15Dawson, Sabrina9520
Rank:Name: Score
1Shields, Autumn10520
2Keskukla, Pam9340
3Hofstatter, Sierra R8840
4Cabulisan, Ingrid Jamay8230
5Kline, Marissa Essence8210
6Heron, Malia8140
7Todd, Olivia8130
8Choy, Megan7240
9Hill, Kaitlyn I7150
10Douglas, Kira7110
11Precie, Myah6940
12Sypolt, Kara Ann6930
13Welch, Hayley6840
14Hammers, Mik5930
15Monreal, Larissa 4650
16Gwinn, Rachael E0
16Keener, Jesse0
Rank:Name: Score
1Wolfe, Lia M6400
2Dite, Shay C5730
3Pusedu, Jahna Rae 4940
4Bassett, Cassandra M 4640
4Goss, Claire Erkins4640
6Utzman, Brenna Renae 4630
7Walter, Abigail Elizabeth 4220
8Shields, Willow3920
9Pence, Lara3740
10Jennings, Ashley3520
11Trujillo, Lauren Mary 2440
12Paa, Peyton Elizabeth 2220
13Seeber, Mady J 2030
14Fetter, Madelena Jane1520
15Haynes, Kate1140
16Meuret, Evie1020
17Marchiori, Alyssa D600

Men's Citizens Results

Rank:Name: Score
1Feldman, Mattan21520
2Vigil, John21110
3Heron, Tim P20300
4Tomaschow, Christopher20200
5Douglas, Mikhael20000
6Purdum, Nicholas David18720
7Shanks, Brandon18230
8Jennings, Zeke18220
9Faust, Tyler Paul17400
10Gadwa, Jake17000
11Schiller, Jacob T16600
12McClure, Daniel Christopher16400
13Deal, Cole Killian16300
14Pradhan, Naveen S16120
15Brumbaugh, Wyatt Owen15810
16McCormick, Evan I15700
17Smith, Jeremy15620
18Tessler, Isaac15410
19Scholberg, Benjamin John15400
20Stapp, Benjamin B15300
21Conroy, Jack14930
22Claveau, Ethan T14900
23Hutcheon, Neil14510
24Jacobson, Kohl N14040
25Eddy, John Caleb14000
26Acheson, William Samuel13910
27Fruehling, Arich13820
28O'Leary, Jack R12500
29Knoll, Wes S12020
30Paschke, Jake11910
31Brewingtom, Kaden Michael11620
31Liem, Ethan11620
33Roland, Henry9930
34Bowers, Blake Thomas8830
35Taylor, Connor D8700
36Brooks, Alexander C8040
37Dineen, Jonah6000
38Barger, Trevor M5200
Rank:Name: Score
1Rosales Giron, Daniel14510
2Sunday, Thatcher14500
3Synytsia, Anton13610
4Fellner, Brennan R13510
5Nehrke, Ben M13110
6Judkins, Patrick13030
7Sponaugle, Daniel12910
8Vollmer, Charles Theodore12850
9Krug, Garrett Andrew12530
10Stettner, Alex12100
11Stock, Tim11710
12Hines, Frank J11510
12Soto, Raymond11510
14O'Donnell, Gene11330
15Moody, Ben11120
16Soyke, Ryan C11010
17Giordano, Joe10800
18Wilmore, Michael Joseph10420
19Brandt, Will10120
20Swenson, Jared K10020
21Larimer, Ches Alan9940
22Hsin, John T9930
23Owens, Adan9600
24Zhang, Rob9010
25Wilson, Ben Walter8850
26Muzzio, Aidan K8820
27Johnson, Wesley Thomas8650
28Gomez, Jack Harrison8420
29Smith, Dylan Patrick8120
30Headley, Toby A7830
31Henderson, Kevin J7040
32Burg, Martin R6830
33Brown, Will G6450
34Palmer, Drew Thomas6440
35Hackstorm, James W6430
36Radtke, Nik6250
37Custer, Ashton4250
38Kuchenberg, Mitch4050
39Fitzgerald, Aidan3340
Rank:Name: Score
1Lucas, Steve L3720
2Tompkins, Jude D3140
3Perez Gonzalez, Juan Jose2500
4Iglasias, Robert2220
4Koegler, Tyler G2220
6Kilpinen, Jon C630

*We attempt to leave all individuals in the category they signed up for upon registering for the comp. In the event an individual climbs well outside their chosen category (2+ grades), we reserve the right to bump individuals into the appropriate category.

Open Qualis Results

NameTopsZonesAttempts to TopAttempts to Zone
Finalist1Zach Galla991312
Finalist2Colin Duffy991711
Finalist3Nathan Monte893316
Finalist4Caleb Franchere893716
Finalist5Jack Martinus791728
Finalist6Charles Barron792316
Payout7Derek New782016
Payout8Jacob Kelleghann692231
Payout9Zachary Tan681315
Payout10Joe Goodacre681610
11Samuel Hsin672518
12Everett Sloane561814
13Dominno Jones481620
14Matthew Sherman381422
15Joshua Rexroad37910
16Francesco Military361021
17Beckett Hsin3558
18Samuel Peccoud26718
19Ben Lindfors261010
20Henrik Kesukla261221
21Liam Decker251523
22Gabe Krzykwa2468
23Brendon Galbraith17316
24Malachi Donahoe15215
25Zachary Greonwald15615
26Chase Wilson1429
27Alex Johnson14217
28Matthew Bearby14923
29Kenny Zwick1329
30Reid Hampton13511
31Bode Utberg13816
32Elias Ponce04014
33Steven Davis04016
34Anders Hastings0307
35Ian Garza03010
36Thomas Reitwiesner03015
37Nick Choy0203
38Gunnar Atterson0207
39Eli Povolny0207
40Will Hromatka0101
41Kai Thompson0101
42Ethan Straub0101
43Sebastian Ruterbories0102
44Carson Macgee0102
45Will Kee0103
46Dakota Elliot0105
47Cooper Bradley0000
NameTopsZonesAttempts to TopAttempts to Zone
Finalist1Natalia Grossman991714
Finalist2Maya Madere783023
Finalist3Adriene Clark772014
Finalist4Kerry Scott681721
Finalist5Sonia Gutierrez572116
Finalist6Cadance Hurt572622
Payout7Paloma Slowik561711
Payout8Kestrel Pikiewiciz472016
Payout9Tate Jennings461412
Payout10Alexandra Inghilterra351310
11Lauren Blair26511
12Claire Larson261317
13Steph Celommi2549
14Ava Walsh23136
15Jillian Gerlitz15411
16Katie Allen1459
17Ellery Osborne1337
18Mackenzie Sargent05012
19Isabella Orner0306
20Tiana Schwarz0306
21Kylie Szilagyi0307
22Norah Small0309
23Liesl Hetzel0202
24Claire Turner0204
25Chloe Miller0205
26Zella Benson0207
27Anna De Lorenzi0101
28Lindsay Levine0102
29Molly Cundrith0108

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