Ascent Climbing Combine


Redpoint Campus Round

NameTotalName Total
Tristen Chen5400Delaney Miller3600
Liam Andrews-Bancroft5300Anna Kelly3200
James Hada4900Abby Czajkowski3100
Jess Walker4900Iza Nowak2200
Mike Rosato4900Taylor Greene1800
Rowland Chen4900Morgan Pearson1200
Bryce Viola4900Amanda Quanstrom1200
Tim Whitaker4900Alyssa Anenberg1200
Ian Dory4100
Keith Mauerman4000
Kyle Bolen4000
Quinn Adams3700
Alex DeHaven3600
Julius Hochmuth3600
Brian Sweeney3600
Tyler Gadigian3600
Sean Field3600
Ryan Smith3200
Tyler Mancini3200
Jimmy Meter2600
Dustin Fishman2200
Caleb Cluett2200
Kohl Jacobson2100
Logan Melton1200
Joshua Morrison1100

Onsight Campus Finals

1.Anna Kelly1.Tristen Chen
2.Delaney Miller2.Rowland Chen
3.Iza Nowak3.Jess Walker

Climbing Combine Portion

Win a feat, get $50...it's that easy.
  • The Speed Campus: Climbers will race up 20 campus rungs (no feet allowed) on our speed wall. Two attempts on each lane with head to head runs for motivation. Climber with the overall single fastest time wins this feat.
  • The 20mm Deadlift: How much can you deadlift off 20mm? Starting at 50lbs and moving up 10lbs/set. Climber can in at any weight. Once a climber steps into the lifting comp, they will have to lift every increased weight to stay in. Heaviest set wins this feat.
  • The Volume Hang: Climbers have 3 attempts to maintain (for as long as you can) a compression hold on one of our dimension volumes, suspended from the lead prow. Longest time wins this feat.
  • The Max Power Pull: Let's see that reach. Climber's will pull off a jug, set in the center of our training wall, and slap as high up on a yard stick as they can. 3 attempts/ climber. The greatest distance achieved wins this feat.
  • The 360 Sloper Turntable: What in the hell is that you ask? A giant, rotating, sloper wheel...no biggie (Donated by Premium Holds). Climbers will attempt to turn this wheel for as many full rotations as they can. The most rotations in one attempt wins this feat.
  • * Must compete in at least 3 out of the 5 feats to qualify for finals


Time Slot Reservations Required - Click Here!

Time Slot Reservations Required - Click Here!"