Spring 2022 Bouldering League

Thank you for a great bouldering league!

The final results are posted below. Photos from finals will also be posted here soon!

Stay tuned for the next sport and bouldering leagues! Tentative plans are to run sport league in July and a joint bouldering league with Wooden Mountain in August!

Final Results

Team Rankings

1I18,00097,160Joseph Leighton (T)Matthew Schoenwald (T)Daniel Sponaugle (T)Rachael Stark (W)Ethan Chase (W)
2M16,00090,040Adam Langemeier (T)Ean Hines (T)Mike Oba (T)Wallace Burns (W)Maureen Kudola (W)
3B14,00088,820Jessica Keener (W)Colter Smailes (T)Sara Weaver (T)Charles Vollmer (W)Sebastian Infantes (T)
4E12,00088,220Clayton Roberts (T)Bekah Itz (W)Liesel Smid (T)Wes Knoll (T)Ryan Ross (W)
5D15,00088,000Nick Visocky (T)Simon Jones (W)Myah Precie (T)Will Hromatka (W)Dylan Nesbitt (T)
6G11,00086,070Caitlin Charlton (W)Paul Esposti (T)Cole Walsh (T)Andrew Mauk (W)Ava Walsh (T)
7K14,00084,640Kate Haynes (W)Max Webb (T)Giulianno Vollmer (W)Caroline Wickes (T)Skyler Richardson (T)
8N11,00084,540Futa Shinkawa (W)Maxwell Clement (T)Anna Castro (W)Mathias Mogensen (W)Patricia Maloney (T)
9L18,00083,590Gabriel Gurley (T)Neel Cole (W)Jon Lachelt (W)Norah Small (T)Kohl Jacobson (T)
10C14,00083,170Taylor Maloney (W)Malcolm Zaborowski-Dukich (T)Erika Pirnack (W)Cooper Bradley (W)Jack O'Leary (T)
11F8,00081,490Jordin Landen (W)Paul Maloney (T)Hannah Molin (T)Ben Wilson (T)Max Baroudi (W)
12H9,00078,770Sarah Beam (T)Maelis Wahl (W)Theodore Carlson (T)Isaac Tessler (W)Caleb Cluett (T)
13A10,00075,230Leighanne Rayome (W)Jada Wheeler (W)James Graham (T)Emerson Birch (T)Devon Smart (T)
14J14,00074,310Tyler Rosenzweig (T)Ellie Wezensky (W)Ryan Brown (W)Cameron Tolooee (T)Connor Desrosiers (T)
15O2,00066,640Haley Pierce (T)Ally Bormann (W)Noah Prezant (W)Kieran Clute (T)Brandon Shanks (T)

Individual Scores

1Adam Langemeier9710
2Haley Pierce7270
3Futa Shinkawa6280
4Tyler Rosenzweig5740
5Joseph Leighton5650
6Jessica Keener5630
7Caitlin Charlton5240
8Nick Visocky5210
9Kate Haynes5150
10Clayton Roberts5130
11Jordin Landen4750
12Leighanne Rayome3630
13Gabriel Gurley2970
14Taylor Maloney1520
15Sarah Beam610
1Maxwell Clement14990
2Ean Hines14800
3Matthew Schoenwald13190
4Malcolm Zaborowski-Dukich13110
5Paul Esposti12740
6Ellie Wezensky11710
7Maelis Wahl11420
8Bekah Itz11330
9Max Webb11010
10Paul Maloney10820
11Neel Cole10100
12Jada Wheeler10020
13Colton Smailes9410
14Simon Jones7250
15Ally Bormann3140
1Mike Oba19400
2Daniel Sponaugle17090
3Anna Castro16770
4Myah Precie16200
5Sara Weaver16000
6Liesel Smid15920
7Ryan Brown15910
8Cole Walsh15490
9Erika Pirnack15480
10Noah Prezant14720
11Theodore Carlson14690
12Hannah Molin14490
13Giulianno Vollmer14260
14Jon Lachelt13420
15James Graham13290
1Wes Knoll20450
2Kieran Clute20260
3Ben Wilson19760
4Will Hromatka19640
5Rachael Stark19510
6Isaac Tessler18770
7Norah Small18600
8Cooper Bradley18220
9Andrew Mauk17910
10Wallace Burns16500
11Charles Vollmer16090
12Mathias Mogensen15290
13Caroline Wickes14360
14Emerson Birch14210
15Cameron Tolooee5550
1Sebastian Infantes27690
2Skyler Richardson25860
3Dylan Nesbitt24700
4Caleb Cluett24280
5Devon Smart24080
6Ethan Chase23720
7Ava Walsh23690
8Max Baroudi23670
9Ryan Ross23390
10Connor Desrosiers21400
11Jack O'Leary20840
12Kohl Jacobson20500
13Patricia Maloney20210
14Brandon Shanks19250
15Maureen Kudola13630

League Structure:

April 19th/20th through May 10th/11th | Finals Climbs & Party Friday, May 13th

This time around, we are having two sessions each week: one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday from 6 - 10 pm. Whichever day you register for online is the day you will come in for your session!

Each week our setters will set new “league” boulders. There will be 22 new problems each week. Log all your sent climbs using a redpoint format. Be sure to log your attempts and get a witness to initial your scorecard next to each sent climb. There will be space allotted on your scorecard for each of these specifications. See the Vocab & FAQ section for clarifications.

Climb Logging Requirements:
League climbs must all be logged during the session you registered for online. If your session is on Wednesday, please do not climb the new bouldering league set until your Wednesday session.

Check in with the front desk to get your weekly scorecard when you arrive to climb. The desk staff will write in your start time (when you get there) and your ending time (when you turn in your card). This time-frame should be 4 hours or less.




Week 1: Ranking Week

This is the initial ranking week. Just like a normal redpoint competition, you'll have the whole evening to climb the league boulders. Your score will be the sum of the top 5 boulders you complete. Afterward, we'll use the data from everyone's scores to create teams that are evenly balanced in terms of ability. Each team will have a climber in each of the five categories: Green (Beginner), Blue (Intermediate), Red (Advanced), Black (Advanced+), and Yellow (Open).

Weeks 2 through 4

Each week, climb on the freshly-set boulders to boost your individual score. Use your teammates for beta, encouragement, or heckling (whatever best motivates you to send). Everyone has until closing to climb, and your score will be the sum of the top 5 boulders you complete and your team score will be the sum of all the teams individuals scores combined.

Finals Day - Friday, May 13th

Rules meeting will start at 6:30 pm. We run finals format similar to what you might see at a professional competition. You have 4 minutes to send the boulder in your category. All you teammates are on the wall with you working to top their own boulder with the crowd at your back cheering you on! Afterwards, you get pizza, sandwiches, fizzy drinks, and beer/special cocktails (21+) while we hold the awards ceremony!


Each week there will be 22 new boulders number 1-22. Please write the corresponding number on your score sheet followed by the points the problem is worth. Multiply the problem # by 100 to get the point value. Ex. Problem 5 = 500; Problem 11=1100; Problem 20=2000

Have 2 people initial your sheet that witness your sending the boulder (at least one must be from another team)

Your weekly score will be the sum of your top 4 climbs and your overall will be the sum of all weeks.

1 drop week will be given to everyone. Your drop week is either your lowest score (high gravity day) or a missed week between weeks 2-4.


Based on your first week of climbing, you will be placed into one of the following categories to compete in for your team:
Green: Beginner
Blue: Intermediate
Red: Advanced
Black: Advanced+
Yellow: Open


The top 3 teams from each category will receive a prize! All individuals within a category are competing against each other. The top individual in each category will get a prize!
Prizes from Tension Climbing & custom made trophies!


League Archives

Find all the results and photos from our past bouldering and sport leagues here!