Sport League Fall 2017 Wrap Up

Thanks to everyone who participated in our first Sport League. It was great getting to know so many new people from our climbing community. I hope that everyone had as much fun as I did and that you all met at least one or two new people to expand your personal climbing community.

For me it was a different experience from a normal evening of climbing with friends. I found myself striving to climb above my target grade; not wanting to spend my limited effort on a "lesser" route. And at the same time I could experience the excitement of my teammates setting and achieving new goals. I know that at least for a few people the league pushed them to climb harder than they otherwise would, and set a new high-water mark on their ability.

The main "prize" of the league was to be able to choose the charity to receive a donation from the Ascent Studio climbing community. As you may know, the gym collects a LOT of unclaimed gear from our Lost & Found. All of that which is usable is put on consignment at The Gearage (in downtown Fort Collins). For the past few months the proceeds from the sale of that gear has been accumulating in our account... amounting to $342. Ascent Studio is matching that amount, to donate a total of $684.

So who won? At least from my perspective we all did, since the league(s) are achieving my goal for them to help foster a feeling of community, and some cash is going to two worthy causes. For those of us who are competitive, here are the top 3 teams, and the charity to which they have chosen to direct the winnings.

1) Team Al (11,700 pts) - Access Fund : 50% = $342.00
2) Send It Like Beckam (11,200 pts) - Northern Colorado Climbers Coalition : 30% = $205.20
3) Delta (11,100 pts) - Access Fund : 20% = $136.80


Final Results

The final team scores:

TeamMembersScore 1Score 2Score 3Score 4Total Team Score
Team AlDylan Miller, Rene Martinez, Sarah Martin, Sean Philbrick306526002975309011730
Send it Like BeckhamBrad Conner, Joseph Riesselmann, Marissa Alliegro, Pam Lundeberg265528052830291011200
DeltaChris Kizer, Johnnie Lanier, Nick Tait, Nicole Spooner286527252695281511100
2 Girls 1 PinchAustin Umland, Bailey Hoover, Ryan Hunt, Sterlin Helms281027402745271511010
High ExposureBarbara Lawrene, Chris Haynie, Edward Wlodarczyk, John Lanier279528502530275510930
Chalk MonkeysDave Cranor, David Stillwell, Jon Lachelt, Julian Hernandez291028102540237010630
ResonatorsAugust Heffern, Bill Matlin, Chris Denton, Chris Holcombe274527852620219010340
Real Housewives of NASAChad Seelig, Clarissa Gucwa, Laura Browarny, Molly Malone271028402650214010340
5.15Braunwin Friesen, Max Wiggin, Mike Desaro, Sydney Lackey213528852580266010260
Sah! HorseAustin Cline, Drew Hallett, Kourtney Larabee, Matt Edrich26251970271025809885
Justice LeagueErik Hooper, Grace Lorette, Nick Fuller, Ryan Williams27452700168026209745
Totally Blasted!!!Blake Mamich, Kimberly Andreson, Leah Carter, Tolby Buckingham17752735258025959685
Training for BoulderingBenjamin Jensen, Brandon McPhail, Jessie Pierson, Joel Turner15852670265527209630
E-money and the 3 DwavesChristian Eaton, Ethan Liem, Nate Manrovich, Parker Gray25102390210021459145
Karen & the CripplesJake Gawa, Karen Gilbert, Kyle Conaty, Valeria Aspinall26052010248017158810
FrickAlexandra Stibor, Erin Gunn, James Dwyer, Josh Hill12102490238025558635
Phantasmagorical PlatypiCasi Popko, Mitch Popko, Spencer Keith, Tom Branian2905262010659807570
No FunDave Fisher, Jeremy Shufflebarger, missing, Rachel Kaufman16401070025005210

Individual Scores

The table is sorted by the highest individual score to the lowest. You can use the search box (to the right) to find specific entries (e.g. your name, or the name of your team).

NameTeamTarget GradeWeek 1 TotalWeek 2 TotalWeek 3 TotalWeek 4 TotalWeek 5 TotalFinals TotalLeague Total
Alexandra StiborFrick5.122904600460001210
August HeffernResonators5.105255455005755505502745
Austin ClineSah! Horse5.1049552050051006002625
Austin Umland2 Girls 1 Pinch5.0956055059005605502810
Bailey Hoover2 Girls 1 Pinch5.1061503756055955502740
Barbara LawreneHigh Exposure5.0952005854906006002795
Benjamin JensenTraining for Bouldering5.115304755800001585
Bill MatlinResonators5.1062505405005705502785
Blake MamichTotally Blasted!!!5.12530425033548501775
Brad ConnerSend it Like Beckham5.105204904905355605502655
Brandon McPhailTraining for Bouldering5.124505155355305655252670
Braunwin Friesen5.155.10515510005605502135
Casi PopkoPhantasmagorical Platypi5.0957505706006105502905
Chad SeeligReal Housewives of NASA5.104905104405705905502710
Chase MooreSend or Sink5.10500002502905501590
Chris DentonResonators5.1005355004755605502620
Chris HaynieHigh Exposure5.105605905755706155002850
Chris HolcombeResonators5.10580505555005502190
Chris KizerDelta5.105455505605706355502865
Christian EatonE-money and the 3 Dwaves5.1164563552513005752510
Clarissa GucwaReal Housewives of NASA5.0752005305605806502840
Daniela BSend or Sink5.091004300000530
Dave CranorChalk Monkeys5.085205605606005906002910
Dave FisherNo Fun5.085405405600001640
David StillwellChalk Monkeys5.105104955605906005502810
Drew HallettSah! Horse5.10485047547553501970
Dylan MillerTeam Al5.105806006356356455503065
Edward WlodarczykHigh Exposure5.1145045006204855252530
Erik HooperJustice League5.125355405655555605252745
Erin GunnFrick5.1251050504505005252490
Ethan LiemE-money and the 3 Dwaves5.1036522058562006002390
Freddy WalkerSend or Sink5.104707549027505501860
Grace LoretteJustice League5.1055053053005655252700
Jake GawaKaren & the Cripples5.1149505554755555252605
James DwyerFrick5.1148004204904905002380
Jeremy ShufflebargerNo Fun5.0854005300001070
Jessie PiersonTraining for Bouldering5.1252553554053005252655
Joel TurnerTraining for Bouldering5.113055305455356105002720
John LanierHigh Exposure5.085005105505455506002755
Johnnie LanierDelta5.104804755405806255002725
Jon LacheltChalk Monkeys5.114904855305105105002540
Joseph RiesselmannSend it Like Beckham5.116104004205955806002805
Josh HillFrick5.101904954655105355502555
Julian HernandezChalk Monkeys5.104304504604704405502370
Karen GilbertKaren & the Cripples5.11510505445005502010
Kimberly AndresonTotally Blasted!!!5.103955104956005306002735
Kourtney LarabeeSah! Horse5.0952052054053006002710
Kyle ConatyKaren & the Cripples5.115404354355154905002480
Laura BrowarnyReal Housewives of NASA5.104705105005605805002650
Leah CarterTotally Blasted!!!5.104155205404955255002580
Marissa AlliegroSend it Like Beckham5.095305605505605606002830
Martin SSend or Sink5.1049051057047506252670
Matt EdrichSah! Horse5.105105454454455305502580
Max Wiggin5.155.115505454656006155752885
Mike Desaro5.155.104805005005205105502580
missingNo Fun-0000000
Mitch PopkoPhantasmagorical Platypi5.1053005105005305502620
Molly MaloneReal Housewives of NASA5.1048042003603805002140
Nate ManrovichE-money and the 3 Dwaves5.125451055451902955252100
Nick FullerJustice League5.105750595510001680
Nick TaitDelta5.114906104405555654752695
Nicole SpoonerDelta5.095305305705755905502815
Pam LundebergSend it Like Beckham5.115905605856055805502910
Parker GrayE-money and the 3 Dwaves5.115553453353352255752145
Rachel KaufmanNo Fun5.1046003805505605502500
Rene MartinezTeam Al5.1049048552555005502600
Ryan Hunt2 Girls 1 Pinch5.115555605505505555252745
Ryan WilliamsJustice League5.105555204955405304752620
Sarah MartinTeam Al5.1051505906406306002975
Sean PhilbrickTeam Al5.106005856206456256003090
Spencer KeithPhantasmagorical Platypi5.1054552000001065
Sterlin Helms2 Girls 1 Pinch5.115754705155255505502715
Sydney Lackey5.155.1150005955354805502660
Tolby BuckinghamTotally Blasted!!!5.104854905204505505502595
Tom BranianPhantasmagorical Platypi5.105804000000980
Valeria AspinallKaren & the Cripples5.105955550565001715