Bouldering League Fall 2018

Here are the scores with the standing following the regular league nights. Your score is the the sum of your top 4 weeks.

If any scores don't look right to you, please shoot an email to jon (at) and I'll check against the actual score sheets.

Dec. 4th is Finals. Please make every effort to arrive by 6:45 to start getting warmed up. The event will commence at 7pm, and the climbing will likely be over by 8pm. At the beginning the setters will preview each route. There will be 4 boulders set (roughly V3, V5, V7, and V9). Each team will assign a climber to one of the problems. Each boulder will be set progressively. The further you get on your climb the more points you'll get for your team.

The running order is by team, from the highest ranked team down to the lowest ranked. Thus, the lower ranked teams get to accumulate more beta. If your whole team isn't there then we'll move your team to the end of the order. Everyone from your team will climb at the same time. You'll have up to four minutes to complete your climb.

Climber NameIndiv
Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5
Tim Whitaker32890a71,600180407830902080007210
Jesse Pierson31980Sunshine and da Boyz76,120280307810862075207220
Casey LaSala30640Platypod Squad86,240375307510805075500
John Marlatt30130e70,320470500703085307520
Brandon McPhail29500Yonder Mountain Strong Band74,000570507130751078106630
Jake Gadwa29410c65,360675207130754072200
Daniel McClure29160i64,690770207120701080106030
Kenyon Brenner28150Kenyon & the Jets66,320807110701075106520
Garret Ehrick25980Bloody H's66,970967305020602072206010
Jackson Hill25470j61,9101064305910650066303030
Esteban Montano23700g62,0301145200584069006440
Emerson McIntosh23280Bloody H's66,9701255204520523075005030
Jon Lachelt21030i64,6901345404120503067204740
Freddy Walker20590Platypod Squad86,2401422404520484067004530
Peter Chen19970Platypod Squad86,2401535504110453072104120
Michael Cheeseman18870Yonder Mountain Strong Band74,0001630304110402072103530
Josh Hill18010j61,9101732304720363055404120
Elese Peifer17840Yonder Mountain Strong Band74,0001844404640344042204540
Ryan Rosero17360g62,0301944504040464010004230
Anthony Andrews17230Sunshine and da Boyz76,1202003340344063104140
Brian Lamb16710e70,3202140203730405049103550
David Potts16580Kenyon & the Jets66,3202260306510004040
Olivia Todd16380Kenyon & the Jets66,3202335202540401047204130
Teddy Carlson16200c65,3602429404120374054002330
Mitch Popko15210g62,0302531303730384045100
Kaitlyn Hill15040Platypod Squad86,2402627403030404038404130
Heather Hoppin14620a71,6002731303030383041203540
Ryan Lewandowski14300e70,3202830304130312004020
Loren Lamb14160Sunshine and da Boyz76,120293730364035405103250
Edward Wlodarczyk13830c65,3603035503030371003540
Leland Dorchester13500i64,6903135303740371025200
Preston Malenke13130a71,6003225303030404035300
Erin Sunshine12750Sunshine and da Boyz76,1203320402540323034303550
Wesley Knoll12490j61,9103404520404003930
Claire Tegl10960a71,6003524302050274029402850
Jake Price10570Bloody H's66,9703631303720372000
Lauren Thompson9180e70,3203720302050204020503040
Nick Harrison7790Yonder Mountain Strong Band74,0003815502150205002040
Alyssa Myers7140Bloody H's66,9703910002050254015500
Casi Popko5940j61,910406301740155020200
Amanda Niebuhr5920c65,3604120502040018300
Georgia Herceg5760g62,0304210401130155020400
Kristen Tanz5210Kenyon & the Jets66,32043620620154020301020
Clara Oakley1000i64,6904410000000

Six weeks... Tues October 23rd through December 4th

*No League the week of Thanksgiving*

As with all the leagues we host at Ascent, our goal is to foster community and camaraderie. Rather than competing only as individuals, we will put together teams of four climbers who will compete together against the other teams. These teams will be of mixed ability and mixed gender.

Here's the skinny

  • Starts Tuesday, October 23rd at 6:00pm.
  • Meets every Tues at 6:00pm for the following 5 weeks.
  • It's okay if you can't arrive until later. You can climb until 10pm.
  • Price: $30 includes a t-shirt, and a party for finals.
  • Non-members: Ask at the front desk about a special $84 six punch pass for bouldering league participants.
  • Finals on Tuesday, December 4th.
  • Each week we'll post the team scores, as well as the individual scores.
  • We will order the shirts on November 1st.

Week 1: October 23rd

This is the initial ranking week. Just like a normal redpoint competition, you'll have the whole evening to climb the fresh set of league boulders. Your score will be the sum of the top 5 boulders you complete.

Afterward, we'll use the data from everyone's scores to create teams that are evenly balanced in terms of ability.

It is very important that everyone who wants to participate in the league attends this week so that we can do a proper ranking and team assignment. If you know that you cannot attend this week then please be sure to note that when you sign up.

Weeks 2 through 5

Each week, climb on the freshly set boulders to boost your individual score. Use your teammates for beta, encouragement, or heckling (whatever best motivates you to send). Everyone has until closing to climb, and your score will be the sum of the top 5 boulders you complete.

Week 6: Finals Week - December 4th

Everyone will get a chance to climb in front of a cheering crowd, in an onsight-style finals specifically crafted to meet the ability levels of the participants.
After finals, there will be a party with food and drinks provided by Ascent.


Each week, your individual score will be the sum of your top 5 problems.
Over the course of the league your individual score will be a cumulative total of your best 4 nights. Thus, you can miss one week without a penalty.
Your team's weekly score will be the sum of your 4 team member's individual scores.