Construction Week 18

Construction Week 18

The dance of the construction lifts continued with major interior work. Holsinger framed most of the north end of the building, turning a cavernous space into one with rooms and doorways. Evergreen was busy lining the walls with vapor barrier and insulation, reducing our waiting store of insulation from the mountain it once was. With walls framed and high ceilings covered, the guts of the building — mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire sprinkler systems — could begin to be roughed in, festooning the building with every variety of tube. Most of this interior work continued into the next week. Out in the heat, Evergreen continued to wrap up their exterior work, installing gutters and downspouts that will carry some very large volumes of water away from the massive roof.

Most of the time-lapse in this video is roughly 30 minutes of real-time per second of video, but we slowed it down for many portions. YouTube will let you change the playback speed if you want to see things more slowly or quickly. If you’ve got the bandwidth, you can also boost the resolution all the way up to 4K! Just click on the gear icon. If you’re viewing this on a computer, you can enable annotations in the YouTube menu to see who was doing what on which days.

– Brandon

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