Construction Week 20
July 12, 2016
Construction Week 22
July 29, 2016
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Construction Week 21

The first crew from Entre-Prises arrived early this week, just ahead of the first shipment of climbing walls that came in on Friday. They wasted no time in putting up the first structure for the climbing walls, starting with the bouldering ramp in the southwest corner of the building. Out in the parking lot, French Concrete poured some of our curb & gutter on Tuesday. We still have a bunch of boom lifts on site as Evergreen continued the exterior detail, vinyl, and insulation work. By Thursday they were done with insulation, and you can see them load up and haul off the excess. Rough ins continued on the inside of the building ahead of inspections and next week’s sheetrock installation. Look forward to some climbing walls going up in the next video!

Most of the time-lapse in this video is roughly 30 minutes of real-time per second of video, but we slowed it down for many portions and sped it up for others. YouTube will let you change the playback speed if you want to see things more slowly or quickly. If you’ve got the bandwidth, you can also boost the resolution all the way up to 4K! Just click on the gear icon. If you’re viewing this on a computer, you can enable annotations in the YouTube menu to see who was doing what on which days.

– Brandon