2019 Fitness Challenge

2019 Fitness Challenge

2nd Annual

What's it all about?

Our second annual fitness challenge kicks off January 27th. Through sweat, blood, and lots of laughs we made it through our 1st year of challenges. Let's make sure the 2019 Fitness Challenge is just as epic.

We have a large range of fitness categories and many challenges within those categories. No worries if some aren't your jam, there are plenty of challenges to choose from and always more to work towards throughout the year. Gym Bouldering, Calisthenics, Dry Tool Climbing, Community, Knot tying, 1 legged hula hooping...you name it!

Your first goal: 36 points = your 2nd annual Fitness Challenge Tshirt

Cost: $10

Good health
- Your friends at Ascent Studio

Raffle Sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors for donating some awesome prizes that we will be giving away in the coming months. More sponsors and prizes will be announced as they come in!

Each month we'll hold a raffle for some of the prizes. You must complete at least one challenge during the month to be eligible to win, but the more you have done throughout the year increases your chances of winning.

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