Race for Justice

Race For Justice

100% of proceeds donated to NAACP


Please keep in mind:

To win a prize OR collect your Fitness Challenge point, you must follow all the rules.
If you are participating for funsies, you may bend some of these rules, such as # of teammates or finishing the course in one day.

The Race for Justice is a multi-modal adventure race touring Fort Collins!

The Race for Justice is not for the faint of heart. You will cover about 30 miles around Fort Collins with 16 waypoints (intermediate point or place on a route or line of travel). You decide how best to navigate between waypoints. You can walk, run, bike, ride, skate, scoot, blade, anything non-motorized. At each waypoint, you will encounter a mental or physical challenge. Non-completion results in a time penalty on your final score. You will also learn the location of the next waypoint.

You get one shot at the course and it must be completed in one haul, meaning same day. Why? Because once you know the clues and locations of the waypoints, you have an unfair advantage of course!

You can choose to run the course on any day between Saturday, June 20th and Sunday, June 28th. You should plan for anywhere between 5-8 hours. Keep in mind that we are closed on Sundays, so if you plan to run it on a Sunday, please pick up your packet ahead of time. There will be after-hours scorecard drop off (Suggest taking a photo of your finished scorecard before leaving it.)

Participation in this race qualifies for Fitness Challenge point #220.

Please read this page thoroughly as it will give you rules, how to prepare, tips for the road, and prizes for fastest times! Remember: In many ways this is a game about wits. How efficiently you use your time, but taking the time to make smart decisions, and making sure you read each instruction and hint thoroughly


Male & Female Individual race
Teams (2 participants ONLY)

Fastest participant(s) in each category will win a Free 1 month membership to Ascent Studio

How It Works

As with many Ascent competitions, this race is on the honor system. Record challenges and final times honestly!

QR Codes: Download a QR code scanner app. There are plenty of free ones out there and they all work the same. There is a QR code at each way-point that will give you information for the challenge you need to complete, directions to the NEXT way-point, and a hint to use when you arrive at the following way-point when searching for the QR code in that area.

How to Begin: You've picked up your packet (zip lock bag with scorecard & pencil), you've packed and planned for a long, extremely active day and you have all the necessary items on our list. Now, get yourself to the gym, as that is where everyone will start their time. Follow the directions on your scorecard to get started, filling out your name, time of day, and scanning your first QR.

Information provided by the QR Code: The Challenge
Use the links provided by the QR Code to pull up the next location in the maps of your choice (Apple, Google, or Bing). You will also notice, before following the link for directions, that there is a hint at the bottom of the page. This will help you when you reach your next location to find the exact spot for you next code.

Individual vs Team

Individual Competitors

Someone (with a car) may support you in case of mechanical repair, injury, or dead cellphone battery. Yes, it is cheating if the support person competes later.

  • Support persons may not transport you or your gear unless you quit the race.
  • Support persons may carry extra water, food and repair items (e.g., tubes, tires, pump, tools).
  • Support persons may help repair your wheels but not assist in any way with navigation or challenges.

Team Competitors

Only teams of 2 allowed to race together. If competing as a team, you must start together. The finish time is when the slowest team member reaches the finish. You can also have a support person as long as you follow the above rules.



  • Smartphone with web browser. You’ll need a QR code reader (free from app store) and whatever mapping app(s) you prefer (Google Maps is very good). A GPS app might be very handy if you encounter cell service dead zones.
  • Bike (mountain/road/whatever), skateboard, scooter, roller blades. Anything non-motorized. We recommend a bike! You will be travelling 30+ miles.
  • Backpack
  • Tennis ball (Yep, a tennis ball. Not provided by gym.)
  • Plenty of water and food
  • Safety gear (helmet, lights, bell)
  • First aid kit
  • Wallet & ID (because that is smart to have)

Strongly Recommended

  • Footwear: Expect running, hiking, scrambling, and bouldering.
  • Bike lock (you may need to leave your wheels to complete challenges)
  • Face mask, hand sanitizer/wipes (you will mostly be in areas that you do not need a mask, but hey, it's the times we live in.
  • Spare tube, pump, tools
  • Sunblock
  • Extra cell phone battery

Tips for Success

Many more details will be found on your scorecard, but here are some things to keep in mind.

You will be taking a dip at some point. Wear something that can get wet...and then keep you cool when you get back on the road!

  • You can take stops as you need! See a place that has yummy looking snacks. Take a breather! Unless you are trying to win of course.
  • Consider available daylight, weather forecast, and traffic when choosing your start time. Plan!
  • Read disclaimer below. Main takeaway- If you don't want or feel like you can safely do the challenge, don't. Take the penalty.
  • Cell coverage is spotty in some places. Consider using a GPS app/device as back-up. Be prepared to detour to find a signal if necessary. Be Flexible! You should have signal at all the QR codes.


Your safety is in your own hands! We are not responsible for any injuries sustained during this race. Please wear PPE when needed, be mindful of your physical needs (food and hydration), and do NOT perform any actions that you do not feel comfortable with or feel might cause you harm. This is obviously different for everyone. Self assessing is key! Taking the penalty for a challenge you are not comfortable doing is better than getting injured. All challenges have been tested by multiple people for sending verification.

What is this cause?

The NAACP, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, is a non profit organization that was founded February 12, 1909. The NAACP is the nation’s foremost, largest, and most widely recognized civil rights organization, leading grassroots campaigns for equal opportunity and conducting voter mobilization. Their mission is to fight to secure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights in order to eliminate race-based discrimination and ensure the health and well-being of all persons.

We, Ascent Studio, stand firmly with Black Lives Matter and the movement to secure a just, safe, and equal world (outdoor and everywhere) for our Black, Ingenious, and People of Color Communities. We realize that there is much work to be done and that a simple donation (collected through the efforts of our Foco Climbing Community) is only one in many steps that will taken to push and continue to work towards equality, inclusion, and providing a safe space for all marginalized communities!

We encourage you to do your own research, but here are a couple of links to get you started.

Time Slot Reservations Required - Click Here!

Time Slot Reservations Required - Click Here!"