Spring 2019 Sport League is here!

Team up, gear up, check your partner and climb!

Looking for a bit of friendly competition, a free shirt, and a sick finals party just for you and your new friends, well get you and your friends signed up today! All skill levels welcome! The league isn't just about beating other teams, but it's about challenging yourself to climb hard each week within or above your redpoint range!

Dates and Times
  • Starts Thursday, March 28th, 6p-10p
  • Finals week Thursday, May 2nd
  • Meets every Thursday from 6p-10p for 6 weeks. 1 drop week allowed in scoring.
  • While the night starts at 6p, participants can start anytime after and end at 10:00p

$30 for members
This price includes:

  • Free 2019 Sport League Tee or Tank
  • Finals Party with pizza & beer
  • Free entry into our Spring March Crag-ness Ropes Comp March 24rd (get the skinny on the new routes and come send hard Thursday night for Sport League kick off)

Members bringing in Non-Members
Does your friend climb elsewhere, but wants to compete with you in sport league? Sign them up and they can receive the $30 buddy price.

  • Members are limited to 3 buddy price add-ons
  • All added "Buddies" must be on your team to receive the discount

$70 for non members
Includes day passes to compete, along with the above perks


Teams of 4
Create your own team or Ascent can find you a spot on a team. Either way! The first week is used to find participants redpoint and set your handicap. This is how you will base your scoring for the following weeks (more info in competition rules) and how all the teams scoring can be fairly determined.

Competition Rules

Week 1:
The first week, before starting to climb, each person will declare their "TARGET" grade. This should be the top grade that you normally climb consistently well, but don't always flash. If you are a lead climber, then this should be a grade that you can achieve on lead. We do reserve the right to increase your target grade (and recalculate your scores) if you end up underestimating your ability.

You'll get more points for going above your target and fewer points for climbing below your target. All of the rope routes in the gym are available for you to climb and achieve points.

It's OK for you to have climbed/rehearsed a route before arriving at the gym on league night, but to get the points for a route on league night you must send it cleanly, bottom to top without hanging on the rope. If you fall, then your belayer must lower you to the ground before starting again for it to count.

Following Weeks:
Each week all of the rope routes in the gym are available for you to climb and achieve points. If you received points for a route one week, then you are allowed to receive points for that same route a subsequent week, but only 2 times for any specific route. Each week the setters will remove some routes and put up new ones so you should always have enough new routes at or above your target grade.


To determine how many points you'll receive for a climb look at the column that corresponds to your target grade. Then go down the column to find the grade of the climb that you completed. Your points are listed in the left-hand column.

Climber Target
605.75.9- , 5.95.10-, 5.10
705.65.8, 5.9-5.9+, 5.10-5.10+, 5.11-
805.65.75.9, 5.9+5.10, 5.10+5.11, 5.11+
1105.85.95.9+, 5.10-5.10+5.11+5.12+
1205.95.9+, 5.10-5.10, 5.10+5.11-5.12-5.13-
1305.9+, 5.10-5.10, 5.10+5.11-, 5.115.11, 5.11+5.12, 5.12+5.13, 5.13+

Bonus points are given for climbing the route on lead or mock lead. Lead bonus = +5. Routes on the lead prow that can only be climbed on lead do still get the lead bonus.

Your teams scores will be averaged together each week and totaled at the end of the 5 regular sport league weeks. If you must miss a week, it will not affect your teams weekly scores. Week 6 is finals and formatted/scored differently.


The concept for this Finals event is that each participant, no matter their ability, will be able to enjoy the experience of participating in a sport-climbing, finals event, in which they get one chance to get as high on the route as they can, while the crowd is cheering them on.

The routesetters are going to set seven new routes specifically for the Finals event. All of these routes will be fresh and unclimbed by anyone but the routesetters. All will be leadable, some will be top-ropeable. Each route will have some unique quality that is suited to different climber abilities.

The actual climbing for finals will commence at 7pm, but everyone can show up ahead of time to get warmed up and preview the routes (but not climb on them). We will also accommodate people showing up late. We expect the actual climbing to last through 8:30 depending on how quickly things move along and when the last person arrives to climb.

Before the climbing commences at 7pm each person will select one of the seven routes to climb. During this preview time everyone can suss out which route is most suited to their style or interest. People arriving late will get to select their route when they arrive, likely with only a minimal preview so that they do not have an advantage by watching multiple people climb.

Each of these routes will be set at a grade of 5.13-, BUT they will be set very "progressive", meaning that the beginning moves will be very easy, such that anyone in league can start the route, and as you climb, the route will get progressively harder through 5.10, 5.11, 5.12, and finishing in the 5.13- range. Roughly a quarter of the route will be up to the 5.10 range, a quarter in the 5.11 range, a quarter in the 5.12 range, finishing up through hard 5.12 into 5.13.

Also, each climber will get a score that will contribute to their team scores. This will be scored based on their target rating (which we've been using to score throughout the league). For reference (and for team scoring) there will be specific marked holds on the route at the top of each section 5.10, 5.11, 5.12, Top.


This is where we will put the scores each week.