Winter 2024 Sport League

Current League Standings

Team Rankings last updated: 2/26/24 at 10:00 AM | Individual Climbs last updated: 2/26/24 at 10:30 AM

RankingTeam NameTeam ScoreClimber 1Total PointsWeek 5 PointsClimber 2Total PointsWeek 5 Points
1Heeler Hook2630Caislin Wheeler13400Craig Hocking12900
2NA92570Justin Yap12900Neel Cole12800
3Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive2560Jack Leverett12600Michael Windsor13000
4Jesus Died for our Sends2550Amanda Harle12900Victoria Heinlen12600
5Emotional Support Quickdraw2530Kayla (Rex) Rexer13000Shannon Flannery12300
6Middle-Aged People Falling Off Things2520Marisa Foltz12600Nathaniel Clay12600
7Team Milly2510Lilly Heath12200Marcus Heath12900
8liverdie2500Jenn Malmberg12200Kelly Hughes12800
8NA2500Alex Nuckols12300Derek Sharp12700
10Wait, what?2500Hatteras Dunton12500Susanna Kyler12500
11Franckin’ Orr-nery2490Pablo Franck12800Tammy Orr12100
11The Grip Reapers2490Graham Orren12600Timothy Spurgeon12300
11Todd Squad2490Lane Foxwood12400Olivia Todd12500
14Gumby Bears 2480Kate Homme12200Mary Ellendorff12600
15Banana Man and the Macaroni Monster2470Chantae Steele12000John Eddy12700
16Rude Boys Climbing Club2461Anoushir Mansouri12500Ethan Solomon12110
17A Lesbian and Gay Dude Walk into a Kneebar2440Kell Winslow11900Madison Stanley12500
18Jug or Nots2410Jon Lachelt12300Matt Shannon11800
19Belay-z2400Jessica Wagner12200Madison Heginbotham11800
20The Final(e) Straw2370Camilla Warden10700Eli Hofacker13000
21Super Bass-O-Matic2360Lyla Bass13000William Bass10600
22Pumped Up Chicks2261Carrie Nutt12200Laura Browarny10410
23NA52250Ellie Wezensky13000Jordin Frey9500
24Beladies First2190Anneka Lambert9200McKenna Skokos12700
25Cruxzilla2180Jeffery Gerwig12800Shay Dite9000
26NA112170Kate Gress9300Nigel Tilley12400
27Hanging with the Ohmies2160Meg Woodrich9900Sarah North11700
28Perma-Dramas!2111Ashley Watts9110Justin Smestad12000
29NA22021Amelie Peccoud11010Lindsay Levine9200
30Climb and Punishment2020Joe Leighton10800Ryne Davis9400
31Climabean and the Wallnut1900Benjamin Swank9600Hannah Pierce9400
31Rock Rascals1900Chloe Boehm9600Lilly Naimie9400
33Super Sloths1880Harry Barnes9100Michaela Chandler9700
34The Ma’ams1870Erin Maskill9000Haley Pierce9700
352 left shoes1860Tom Schirmer9300Trevor Roberts9300
35NA31860Courtney Bouchet9300Jeff Randall9300
35Servants of Grape of House Ascent, First of her Name, Queen of the Crag, Protector of Floor Snacks, Mother of Tennis Balls 1860Bekah Itz9100Cait Charlton9500
35One of us has a foot fetish1850Ben Hilquist9100Kai Thompson9400
39I'm Scared1840Caroline Blommel9400Josiah Quinn9000
39One must imagine Sisyphus happy1840Chris Peterson9200Nate Blanchard9200
41NA41810Dan Reimers9600Paul Serra8500
42Boulder Brigade1800Forrest Wilson8700Nathan Semmens9300
43Dan Flashes1800Jordan Lang9600Zachary Hertzog8400
44ROCK AND ROLL1790Kate Orren8400Talya Elam9500
45Hairy Cat1761Alex Stettner8510Ryan Soyke9100
46Gripper guardians1581Grace Reivich6600Nicole Rangel9210
47Fred & Beckey1270Alex Hammerstrom6700Seth Goldstein6000
48Transceratops1260Morgan Peters6400Shiloh Daricek6200
49Foster's Home for Imaginary Sends1240Diana Schmidt6400Nicholas Christensen6000
50NA71190Madelena Fetter11900Mady Seeber12600
51rockclimbing.com1142Brenna Utzman2420Sam Smith9000
52NA13920Kate Williams9200Simon Dettelback00
53Chevi640Chelsey Gilley-Dunn6400Xavier Merino6300
54NA14420April Dossett4200James Gorder5400
55Auntie Anne's Petzels320Andrew Nguyen3200Maggie Church10300
RankingNameTotal ClimbsWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
1Kell Winslow4010101010
2Shannon Flannery377101010
3Kayla (Rex) Rexer3261088
4Chantae Steele287786
5Michael Windsor248565
6Pablo Franck216465
6Trevor Roberts210687
8John Eddy204655
8Lyla Bass207634
8Tammy Orr206554
11Craig Hocking193646
11Jeffery Gerwig196445
11Justin Smestad196544
14Caislin Wheeler185544
14Hatteras Dunton184644
14Jack Leverett185544
14Kate Homme184554
14Mary Ellendorff185355
14Matt Shannon184554
14Olivia Todd185544
14Susanna Kyler184644
22Jon Lachelt175354
22Nathaniel Clay174445
22Tom Schirmer175660
25Amelie Peccoud165443
25Bekah Itz165605
25Camilla Warden161555
25Eli Hofacker164543
25Lane Foxwood165443
30Benjamin Swank155550
30Cait Charlton155505
30Justin Yap154434
30Madison Heginbotham155433
30McKenna Skokos154533
35Alex Nuckols144433
35Graham Orren144334
35Kai Thompson145450
35Kate Orren145504
35Laura Browarny144244
35Shay Dite140464
41Amanda Harle133433
41Anoushir Mansouri134333
41Carrie Nutt133334
41Courtney Bouchet135350
41Ellie Wezensky133334
41Jenn Malmberg134333
41Jessica Wagner133433
41Josiah Quinn135053
41Leah McTigue130544
41Lindsay Levine134630
41Madison Stanley133433
41Meg Woodrich134504
41Sam Smith134540
41Sarah North133433
41Talya Elam135404
56Caroline Blommel123333
56Derek Sharp123333
56Ethan Solomon123333
56Joe Leighton123333
56Kelly Hughes123333
56Lilly Heath123333
56Mady Seeber123333
56Marcus Heath123333
56Marisa Foltz123333
56Neel Cole123333
56Nigel Tilley123333
56Timothy Spurgeon123333
56Victoria Heinlen123333
69Ashley Watts113143
69Jordan Lang114430
69Kate Williams110434
69Lilly Naimie110344
69Michaela Chandler115303
69Nicole Rangel113530
69William Bass113143
76Ben Hilquist103340
76Hannah Pierce103430
76Jeff Randall103430
76Kate Gress104303
76Madelena Fetter100343
76Maggie Church101333
82Chris Peterson93303
82Dan Reimers93330
82Erin Maskill93303
82Forrest Wilson93330
82Haley Pierce93303
82Harry Barnes93303
82Jordin Frey93330
82Nate Blanchard93303
82Nathan Semmens93330
82Paul Serra93330
82Ryne Davis90333
82Zachary Hertzog93420
94Anneka Lambert85003
94Chloe Boehm80044
94Diana Schmidt83500
94James Gorder80530
94Morgan Peters84040
99Alex Hammerstrom74030
99Chelsey Gilley-Dunn70034
99Grace Reivich70430
99Ryan Soyke73400
99Shiloh Daricek74030
104Alex Stettner63300
104Nicholas Christensen62400
104Seth Goldstein63030
104Xavier Merino60033
108Brenna Utzman41030
109Andrew Nguyen30300
109April Dossett30030

Finals Format

League Finals are on Wednesday, March 6th from 4-9 PM!

Please sign up for a finals time slot! We have a lot of league participants, and need you all to come at different times in order to get everyone's climbs in. This will work best if you climb your specific finals routes during your time slot, and climb the bonus routes before/after your time slot, or once you are done with your three finals climb attempts.

Finals Climbing Details:

  • There will be 6-7 finals climbs that are all progressive routes: each route will start off easier, and get harder as you climb up the wall. For example, the easiest climb will start at 5.8 and end around 5.9, and the hardest climb will start at 5.12-/5.12 and end at 5.12+.
  • All finals climbs are flash format: you get one attempt per finals climb.
  • Every climb will have 8 zones. You will get points for the highest zone you achieve on your single attempt of each climb.
  • Because we have so many league participants, you will receive a scorecard with the three finals climbs you may attempt. These 3 climbs will be centered around your target grade. 
  • In additional to the 6-7 finals climbs, there will be a bonus volume route on the speed wall for points, and 5-10 additional climbs around the gym you can receive bonus points for. 
  • We will have pizza from Slyce, Mary's Mountain cookies, and beer from Odell (21+ participants) available starting around 6:30 PM. 
  • League hoodies will be available for pick up during finals starting at 4 PM.
  • Awards will be ASAP after finals once we tally up scores, likely around 9:30 PM. 

Award Categories:

  • Top 3 teams overall
  • Individual with the most recorded climbs
  • Best team name (crowd voted)

League Hoodie Design!

Hoodies will be available for pick up at Finals on Wednesday, March 6th

Thank you to our league partners!

League Rules & Details

The Overview

Each week, you will be scored on your top 3 climbs. Both you and your teammate's top 3 climbs will combine for a total team score each week, and your total league score will be your 4 highest scoring weeks.

Team Formation
  • Teams of 2 | Sign up with a partner! You will get a team score, which is the sum of both individual's scores.
  • If you don't have someone to climb with, we can try to help you find someone! 
  • We assume you usually will climb with your partner, but it really doesn't matter for scoring purposes. If you need another pal to belay you some sessions, that is a-okay.
Setting a Climbing Style and Target Grade

Each week you'll be scored on the top 3 climbs you send. You get points for each climb based on your target grade and climbing style selected when you sign up.

Selecting your Climbing Style:

  • Choose between Lead or Top Rope (TR)
  • If you choose Lead, you will only be able to score climbs that you send on lead. 
  • If you choose TR, you can score climbs that you send on lead or TR, but there are no bonus points for leading.

Selecting your Target Grade:

  • This should be the highest rated climb that you typically send on a day of climbing at the gym, according to the Climbing Style you select.
  • We encourage you to set an aspirational goal! Keep in mind that your target grade should be difficult for you, but doable.
  • We are NOT doing bonus points for leading. Depending on how many teams sign up for each climbing style, we may do separate awards for Lead and TR categories. 
  • To receive points for a route you must send it cleanly without any takes. If you fall, then you must lower to the ground before starting again for it to count on your league sheets.
  • Remember, we are not doing bonus points for leading. The benefit to leading is that you have more terrain to climb on. Push yourself as you see fit!
  • You may "second" a route in the lead-only terrain and get points for that.
  • Your team score is the total points between you and your partner.
  • Everyone gets 1 drop week - the week with their lowest (or no) score 

Your personal score each week will be the sum of the 3 hardest climbs you send clean. Keep in mind that if you set your target grade accurately, not all 3 of your climbs are likely to be at or above your target grade. Put another way, if you consistently are sending climbs above your target grade, then you should have set your target grade higher - and you can expect that in the end your score will be adjusted to reflect this.

As you enter the routes on your scoresheet we'll give you the score you receive for each climb based on that target grade. If you climb a route at your target grade you get 100 points. Each grade above or below your target grade changes your score by 10 points. For example, if my target grade is 5.11 and I climb a 5.11- I'll get 90 points for that climb. But if I climb a 5.12- (which is 2 +/- grades above 5.11) I get 120 points.

Points Per Send Based on Climber Target Grade


Getting Bumped:

  • At the end of the league, we'll evaluate what grades you actually climbed throughout the league and determine what your real target grade should have been and recalculate all of your scores based on that new target grade. We'll basically throw out your outlying highest and lowest grades and set the target grade one or two +/- grades above middle grades you climbed. If you hit your target, your score will stay the same. If you climbed well above or below your target grade, we will adjust your score accordingly.
Google Sheets

Each participant will receive a link to their own personal online Google Sheet for tracking their climbs. Paper scorecards will be available, but please only use them if you don't have a way to use the google sheet. Each week you come in to climb for league, check in at the front desk and they will update your google sheet for that week. If you have any questions, ask the desk staff to show you how to use that. After you climb a route you'll enter the number of the route (from the start tag). Also have your witness (probably your climbing partner), enter their initials next to that. 

Your sheet will also show you the routes your partner has logged, and their score.

Team scores will be pulled together each week on Monday and a leaderboard will be posted here on this webpage.


1Can you count a route twice if you top rope it and then lead it?
Not on the same day. However, you could count it on TR one day, and then again another day on Lead.
2What counts as a send?
Climbing the route without weighting the rope (taking) or falling.
3Can I "second" a route?
Yes, you may second a route in the lead-only terrain and get points for that.
4Should I choose my target grade based on top rope or lead?
Top Rope. If you only lead climb, you know we’re not talking to you. If you are working on leading, but still top rope most of the time, go off your top rope grade.
5Can I be bumped to a lower grade?
Yes, at the end of the league we'll evaluate what grades you actually climbed throughout the league and determine what your real target grade should have been. We will recalculate all of your scores based on that new target grade. Basically, we'll throw out your outlying highest and lowest grades and set the target grade based on the middle grades you climbed.
6Do I have to climb with my partner every week? What if we have to climb at separate times?
You can climb with anyone you want, even if they are not participating in league. BUT you must climb with your partner on Finals Day!
7Do I have to use Google Sheets?
No, but please do. It is extremely helpful to us when pulling together scores. If you need a physical scorecard, ask for one at the front desk.
8When will I get the league sweatshirt?
You will get the league sweater by finals week if you signed up on or before February 4th. The sweater price is included in the price of Sport League.

League Archives

Find all the results and photos from our past bouldering and sport leagues here!